Getting to the Heart of Learning: Proficiency Scores in Adaptive Practice.

Getting to the Heart of Learning: Proficiency Scores in Adaptive Practice.

Most WileyPLUS courses include ORION Adaptive Practice, a capability that is proven to help students better prepare for quizzes and exams. It provides students with a personalized practice experience utilizing hundreds of practice questions. ORION also delivers easy-to-use analytics to help you and your students see where they excel and where they need help.

ORION helps you track both student performance and proficiency, but what’s the difference between the two? Performance represents the number of correct answers out of the number of attempted questions, and proficiency measures the likelihood that a student will correctly answer a question of average difficulty level for a given topic. Performance is based on correct vs. incorrect answers while proficiency takes learning potential into consideration.


ORION’s Performance Report lets you monitor student progress according to learning objectives, and the graphs clearly break down each chapter by correct, incorrect, partially correct, and skipped answers. Final scores reveal which students are at the top of the class-answering most questions correctly the first time-and which students need more practice, helping you to identify learning trends and at-risk students early.


The proficiency percentage in ORION estimates a student’s knowledge of a learning objective or chapter. Proficiency is a composite metric based on several factors: the student’s performance on individual questions, the difficulty level of the question, the difficulty level of the learning objective, and the student’s indicated level of confidence in his/her answer. Within the system, the proficiency bars appear faded at first, but the more questions students answer, the more information ORION gathers about them and the brighter the bars get. Using these learning analytics, students get insight into what they know as well as areas that need further reinforcement, helping them spend study time more efficiently.

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