Empowering your learners to go even farther

WileyPLUS is an online teaching and learning platform that helps instructors and students achieve educational success.

WileyPLUS improves outcomes with robust practice problems and feedback, fosters engagement with course content and educational videos, and gives students the flexibility to increase confidence as they learn and prepare outside of class.

WileyPLUS helps instructors:

  • Save time by automating grading of practice, homework, quizzes and exams
  • Create a focused and personalized course that reflects their teaching style
  • Quickly identify and understand student learning trends to improve
    classroom engagement
  • Improve their course year over year using WileyPLUS data

Create a seamless user experience

WileyPLUS integrates with campus Learning Management Systems like Blackboard, Canvas, Desire2Learn, and Moodle for a seamless user experience with single sign-on and gradebook synchronization or assignment-level integration.

Boost engagement, confidence, and grades

ORION Adaptive Practice is a personalized learning experience that serves up relevant practice questions based on an individual student’s level of chapter proficiency. By focusing on topics they don’t know, students can efficiently prepare for class, quizzes, and exams. Studies show that students who engage with ORION on a regular basis get better grades in their courses.

  • Diagnostic: is a quick 20-30 question assessment that determines a student’s baseline level of understanding for each chapter
  • Student Dashboard: Identifies topics of strength and weakest and directs students to relevant resources improving engagement with course material
  • Adaptive Practice: Serves up level-appropriate questions challenging students understanding without discouraging them with inappropriately difficult questions
  • Proficiency Score: Helps instructors compare students in an adaptive environment and predicts how well a student is likely to score on a medium level question
  • Reports: Give instructors insight into learning trends such as class, student, chapter, and proficiency, time spent, productivity, and most challenging topics
  • Course Content: Uniquely created with author and learning design expertise in mind to help students build foundational knowledge
  • Online eTextbook: Integrates learning content, tutorials, and examples
  • Video Tutorials: Teach students key concepts or demonstrate problem-solving skills and real-world applications
  • Reading Assignments: Provide flexibility to curate course content for flipped and online learning and track student progress through the eTextbook and multimedia resources
  • Gradebook: Viewable by assignment, study objective, and learning outcomes (select courses) and tracks rates of assignment completion, scores, and is viewable by class, assignment, or individual student
  • ORION Reports: Provide insight into learning trends such as class, student, chapter, proficiency, time spent, productivity, and most challenging topics
  • Learning Outcomes (select courses): Reporting that provides documentation on outcomes and standards, including Blooms taxonomy, AACSB, AIPCA, and IMA

“It’s very important for me to craft a great learning experience for my students.”

Alan Halfen
Professor, University of Kansas

“91% of participating professors would recommend the WileyPLUS Student Partner program to another professor.”

Michelle Randall
Professor, Schoolcraft College

“I immediately realized the program would be a huge help.”

Jonte Ray
Charity School of Nursing, New Orleans

“ORION has helped me keep my head level and know where I am in my class. It’s been tremendously helpful.”

Josh L.
Santiago Canyon College