Advantage Pricing

Wiley Advantage Pricing

Breaking Down Barriers to Student Success

Wiley Advantage Pricing

Breaking Down Barriers to Student Success

Affordable access to course material is directly tied to a student’s success in your course. That’s why we want to help students reach their greatest potential in all courses and in their future careers by ensuring all learners have access to course material and learning strategies that work.

From inclusive access and textbook rental programs, we’ve been breaking down cost barriers—and we want to do even more.

As of May 1, 2020, students started paying less for WileyPLUS.

Here’s how this program helps students achieve academic goals:

FREE 14-Day Trial

Starting on the first day of class, every student gets equal access to course materials.

Transparent Pricing

Students can purchase a single-term course for only $69 USD for most titles; $99 USD for select titles listed below.

FREE Extended Access

Students who need another chance to succeed can get extended access to their WileyPLUS course for another term.

The pressures of college and life are hard enough — your students shouldn’t have to worry about making critical trade-offs to afford the materials they need to succeed. And you shouldn’t have to sacrifice quality and academic freedom for the sake of affordability. Now you can drive affordable education, equal access, and student success all from the WileyPLUS platform.


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  • 1. Which titles are priced at $99?
    • Black, Business Statistics
    • Davis, Managerial Accounting
    • Jiambalvo, Managerial Accounting
    • Johnson, Auditing
    • Kimmel, Financial Accounting
    • Kimmel, Survey of Accounting
    • Parrino, Corporate Finance
    • Reid, Operations Management
    • Russell, Operations Management
    • Weygandt, College Accounting
    • Weygandt, Financial Accounting
    • Weygandt, Managerial Accounting
  • 2. What do students get for the $69/$99 option?
    Students gain immediate access to the WileyPLUS course and six months of access to the eBook.
  • 3. When did Wiley Advantage Pricing go into effect?
    All product listings and student cards were updated to the new discounted prices in May 2020.
  • 4. What should I tell my bookstore?
    Please advise your bookstore manager to place next term’s order after May 1, 2020, so you may take advantage of this new pricing.
  • 5. What if my course is a 12-month course — do my students have to pay $69 twice?
    There are several WileyPLUS courses that are taken outside a standard semester length. For these courses, students can choose to purchase multi-term access for $119, which will give them access to the WileyPLUS course and eBook for the duration of their course.
  • 6. How does the FREE Extended Access work?
    If students withdraw or fail a course for which they purchased WileyPLUS, we will extend their WileyPLUS access for another term. Some rules and regulations apply. They simply complete the form found on the site.
  • 7. What if students want printed copies of the materials with WileyPLUS?
    WileyPLUS courses still have three bundle options:
    1. WileyPLUS access with textbook rental (130 days) – $30 upcharge
    2. WileyPLUS access with permanent eBook purchase – $10 upcharge
    3. WileyPLUS access with loose-leaf purchase – $50 upcharge
  • 8. Does this new pricing impact inclusive access?
    There could be some changes to your inclusive access pricing. If you’re participating in your school’s program, please contact your Wiley Account Manager for details.
  • 9. Are Canadian prices different?
    Yes, the Canadian prices differ from the U.S. Please ensure you are reviewing that pricing with your Wiley Account Manager.
  • 10. What other ways can I help drive affordability for my customers?
    • WileyPLUS Bundles: Our WileyPLUS courseware provides discounted bundle options for any student who wants a print copy or perpetual eBook access. We now offer a low-cost rental option for the print book.
    • Inclusive Access: This is an institution-level program that provides instant digital access on or before the first day of class at an affordable price. Instructors must choose the program for their course, so please guide them to learn more.
    • Alta: This is a personalized learning experience that’s impactful, accessible, and affordable. It provides all instructional content needed for a course — including text and video, examples and assessments. Alta is now available in multiple courses in math, statistics, economics, and chemistry. Guide customers here to check out a demo or request access.
      • Note that Alta pricing is not changing. It remains $39.99 for single term; $79.99 for AltaPass, or $9.95 per month.
    • zyBooks: Faculty created and vetted, zyBooks is an active learning approach that gives students the practice and material they need, when they need it. There are no books to distribute, just a digital platform that enables students to learn the best way possible—through practice. Share with select customers how zyBooks could help students with challenging courses in computer science, engineering, math, and statistics.
      • Note that zyBooks pricing is not changing. It remains a base price of $58 and additional $19 for labs. 

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