Adaptive Assignments Powered by Knewton

Adaptive Assignments
Powered by Knewton

Available in select WileyPLUS courses beginning July 2021

Seamlessly integrated into WileyPLUS and based on learning science, Adaptive Assignments are the most targeted, efficient way for instructors to tailor practice and preparation. This new assignment type pinpoints learner knowledge gaps and offers personalized, just-in-time support, targeted instruction and detailed answer explanations.

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WileyPLUS provides the most targeted adaptive experience


Because Adaptive Assignments require a designation of intention, instructors clearly understand when and how to assign them


Students are motivated to work toward a reachable goal, rather thann being frustrated by busy work.


Adaptive assignments provide clear, actionable insights so instructors can decisively review and intervene as needed

Instructor Experience

Set Your Assignment Intention

Adaptive Assignments are a modern approach to adaptive learning that allow instructors to designate intention in order to provide students the right depth of material at the right point in their courses.

Assignment Intention Options:

  • Pre Lecture: Introduce new concepts
  • Practice: Learn with in-depth sessions
  • Review: Focused review before exams
assignment intention


Within workflows that instructors use today


Aligned to specific learning objectives and intent

Powerful Intervention

Actionable metrics to pinpoint student and class understanding

Student Experience


Adaptive Assignments quickly identify each student’s learning needs and adapt to their current knowledge level. Each assignment gradually adjusts question difficulty to guide understanding of the material, so questions are never too easy or too hard.

Just-in-time Support

This will differ based on the assignment type and can include:

  • Targeted instruction: Instructional content related to the topic at hand
  • Refresher questions: Prerequisite questions that appear when students are struggling
  • Answer explanations*: detailed explanations of how to solve the current quest *available with select titles
student celebration

Powered By Knewton

Adaptive Assignments are powered by Knewton, a world-class adaptive recommendation engine operated by Wiley since 2019. Knewton’s adaptivity has been used across the globe by over 15 million students and refined for over 10 years with learners in all grades and disciplines.