Pura vida: Beginning Spanish 2nd Edition

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Pura vida: Beginning Spanish 2nd Edition

By Norma López-Burton, Dr. Laura Marqués Pascual, and Dr. Cristina Pardo Ballester

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Pura vida is an innovative Beginning Spanish program that fully integrates vocabulary, grammar and cultural content through a task-supported and flipped classroom approach. In this learner-centered program, the authors’ commitment to a methodology based on true-to-life experiences brings Spanish to life. Pura vida is the discovery of a Spanish-speaking world through the experiences of real people who share anecdotes and reflections on those experiences. Students relate to these people and make deeper, more meaningful connections between language and culture and acquire Spanish with an unparalleled sense of personal engagement. In this 12-chapter introductory program, students don’t learn Spanish only for real life, but also from real life. The second edition offers seamless integration of cultural notions and language instruction, and features 100 percent contextualized and personalized activities. The new edition program features a wealth of rich media content – including voice recording assignments, topical videos, authentic short films, and other interactive activities – is integrated at the learning objective level providing students with a clear and engaging path through the material.

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Sample Chapter

¿Lo sabes o no? is a fun interactive Jeopardy-like game you can play with your students in class to review new vocabulary words and the culture in each chapter. This fun game will be available for all chapters in Pura vida 2e.

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Voice and Video Recording Assignments

These interactive voice and video recording assignments allow students to get the essential practice and feedback they need without taking up valuable classroom time.

Audio Program

Audio Program

The enhanced eText features links to all recordings for the listening activities in the textbook, as well as the vocabulary in the Palabra por palabra sections and Vocabulario esencial list at the end of the chapters.

Video Program

These videos can be used in the classroom or assigned as online work, Pura vida has one video per chapter featuring an American living in the target country and accompanied by locals, as s/he shows us something pertinent to the theme and grammar of the chapter. The student in the classroom will hear natural speech patterns in various Spanish accents. This video will highlight cross-cultural comparisons following the approach of the book. The textbook includes instructor and student support activities that present strategies for previewing, viewing, and post-viewing.

Make learning clear and interactive

The Animated Grammar Tutorials explain grammatical topics in a student-friendly way and include simple practice exercises that reinforce what students just learned.

Adaptive Practice

Adaptive Practice

Every student has a different starting point, and adaptive practice provides endless opportunities for practice to effectively prepare for class or quizzes and exams.

    Also available in WileyPLUS:

  • La pura verdad: Comic-style vignettes introduce new vocabulary, linguistic structures, and culture in the context of real-life stories.
  • Interactive vocabulary presentations: allow students to engage with Palabra por palabra items via embedded audio and drag and drop activities.
  • Self-Scoring Practice Activities: Self-scoring practice exercises help students see what they’ve mastered and what they still need to master before completing higher-stakes online homework or assessment assignments.
  • Audio flashcards offer pronunciation, English/Spanish translations, and chapter quizzes.
  • Verb conjugator provides guidance and practice for conjugating verbs.
  • La pronunciación offers basic rules and practice for pronouncing the alphabet, diphthongs, accent marks, and more.
  • English grammar checkpoints allow students to review their use of the major grammar points from the textbook in the English language
  • Pre-created Assignments allow instructors to save time by choosing from an extensive bank of assignments they can to add to their course. These assignments often highlight questions with embedded audio or video and links to the text.

    What’s New:

  • The second edition is hosted in a new WileyPLUS that offers an easy-to-navigate presentation of all the course materials organized by modules at the learning objective level.
  • A new voice and video recording tool has been incorporated to the new WileyPLUS to allow synchronous and asynchronous interaction.
  • All the material in the new WileyPLUS complies with ADA regulations.
  • All assignments have been revised for a clearer understanding, and models and immediate feedback have been added.
  • Adaptive learning has been divided by learning objectives.

Norma Lopez-Burton

NORMA LÓPEZ-BURTON A basic human need is to be understood, and for over thirty years in the classroom this has guided me no more than here in Pura vida. My crusade of breaking stereotypes began in 1981 shortly after I started teaching Spanish at UC Davis. It was then that this Puerto Rican was surprised to learn that many assumed I liked spicy foods and celebrated El día de los muertos. Imagine further my shock when I saw all the textbooks of the day—and many still do—lump all sorts of people into one homogenous group: “Our Hispanic Friends!” And so for twenty years as program coordinator I purposefully built a curriculum in which all activities would be truly communicative, and all instructors would present culture in a country-specific, sensitive and consistent manner. It turned out that had been my calling. This passion extends to my writing. In addition to Pura vida, I was a co-author of Rumbos and lead author for the language teaching methodology text, On Being a Language Teacher. My goal in all three texts is to elicit meaningful communication and teach skills of cultural competency.

Laura Marques-Pascual

LAURA MARQUÉS PASCUAL I studied Hispanic literature and linguistics at the Universidad de Alcalá, Spain. During my time as a college student I spent a year in Durham, England, where I studied literature and linguistics with British students. It was during my year abroad that I  got interested in how people learn languages. I later moved to the United States to complete my graduate studies. I earned a MA in Teaching English as a Second Language from Bowling Green State University, and a PhD in Hispanic Linguistics from the University of California, Davis. I am currently the Language Program Director at the University of California, Santa Barbara, where I also teach Spanish language and linguistics courses at various levels. During 2015–2017 I was also the Resident Director for the UC Education Abroad Program in Spain, where I had the great opportunity to observe and interact with students learning Spanish in-situ.

Cristina Pardo Ballester

CRISTINA PARDO BALLESTER I am from Granada, Spain where I received a bachelor’s degree in translation and interpretation with a major in French interpretation and a minor in English translation. My passion for languages started in elementary school where I learned about French culture from my French teacher. This passion or languages led to spending an extensive amount of time in Belgium and to traveling around the world. Eventually, I settled in Reno, Nevada, where I received my M.A. in Foreign Languages and Literatures at the University of Nevada, Reno, while teaching Spanish language courses. I moved to New York City to teach Spanish and French at various high schools. My teaching experiences led me to complete my PhD in Hispanic Linguistics with an emphasis in second language acquisition from the University of California, Davis. I am currently an Associate Professor of Spanish in the Department of World Languages and Cultures at Iowa State University. During 2007 to 2015, I was also the Spanish Language Program Coordinator. In 2010, I started to work as a co-director of a Study Abroad Program in Valencia, Spain. The experiences of my teaching and directing a Study Abroad program helped me to write and improve this second edition of Pura vida. This textbook, Pura vida, represents my commitment to language learners, and my passion for teaching the culture and the language of the Spanish-speaking world.

  1. Así somos
  2. Aventuras para el tiempo libre
  3. Los espectáculos y las artes
  4. Tu vida profesional
  5. ¡Conéct@te!
  6. Tu salud física y mental
  7. En tu medio
  8. Tu mundo político y económico
  9. La inmigración: fusión de culturas
  10. Celebraciones y días festivos
  11. Un mundo global
  12. Los hispanos en Estados Unidos

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