En tu medio: Intermediate Spanish

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En tu medio: Intermediate Spanish

By Leah Fonder-Solano, Casilde A. Isabelli, and María Isabel Martínez Mira

En tu medio is a new program for intermediate Spanish that blends text, interactive and multimedia content, online tools and resources, and authentic short films to provide a contemporary and appealing learning experience. The course is designed to complement any format, whether it be face-to-face, a hybrid/blended learning environment, or an online class. A task-based, student-friendly approach is implemented to build from the introductory level toward a higher-level proficiency.

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Topical videos and short films serve as a springboard for discussions and extension activities.

Topical videos, high-interest readings, and a wealth of authentic materials–photos, literary selections, ads, cartoons, and five contemporary short films (cortometrajes) from Spanish-speaking countries–tie into broad concepts and are used to provide higher-level input in Spanish, support vocabulary, grammar, or socio-cultural activities.

Interactive presentations and activities provide feedback at the point of learning.

Interactive presentations, input-processing, and form practice activities give students instant feedback and prepare them to use new language in communicative activities. These presentations and activities often include embedded audio or video.

Embedded resources appeal to a variety of learning styles.

Abundant resources such as animated grammar tutorials engage students. Self-scoring practice exercises help students see what they’ve mastered and what they still need to learn before completing higher-stakes online homework or assessment assignments.

    What’s New

  • Whole Texts vs. Disjointed Sentences: Vocabulary and grammar are presented in contextualizing paragraphs, blogs, ads, and other media that model and clarify usage. Forms are taught in relation to function. This grammatical attention within broader contexts helps students intuit lexical meaning and grammatical patterns prior to their formal presentation, better understand what they read, grasp cultural and socio-linguistic subtexts, write more effectively, and apply grammar rules for meaningful communication.
  • Input Processing: This proven model makes new concepts accessible to students by allowing them to notice and process content before they are asked to use or produce discourse with new information. For this reason, each new sequence of practice activities begins with a self-scoring true/false, agree/disagree, possible/impossible, multiple-choice, matching, ordering, or other recognition activity which requires students to understand meaning before moving on to practice using the target vocabulary or structure for communication.
  • Task-Based Activities: A broad array of theoretically grounded, class-tested, interactive, and engaging activities help students develop all language skills while completing meaningful tasks. Practice activities are thematically and culturally contextualized, reinforcing vocabulary and enhancing cultural knowledge as students build communicative skills.
  • Thoughtful Grouping and Recycling of Grammatical Concepts: Related concepts are grouped together in each section to provide an overview and emphasize usage. Each concept builds upon prior knowledge, and students can access review topics as needed. Side boxes marked with a recycling icon remind students of related introductory concepts, and Ya vimos boxes in later sections recall structures presented earlier in the program.

LEAH FONDER-SOLANO completed her graduate studies at the University of Arizona and then began a career as a teacher-researcher at The University of Southern Mississippi where she shared her passion for the language, culture, literature, film, and civilization of the Hispanic world with students at the undergraduate level and in the Master of Arts in the Teaching of Languages program. Her work on En tu medio has given her the opportunity to use her own experiences as a life-long language learner and teacher to inspire new learners as they move beyond introductory courses and explore the possibilities of meaningful communication and social connection in Spanish.

CASILDE A. ISABELLI is chair of the department of World Languages and associate professor of Spanish Linguistics at the University of Nevada, Reno where she teaches graduate and undergraduate courses in language, linguistics, and methodology. She was formerly the director of the Basic Spanish Language Program from 2001 until 2014. She received her Ph.D. in Spanish Applied Linguistics with a concentration in Second Language Acquisition and Teacher Education (SLATE) at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign in 2001 and an M.A. in Hispanic Literature and Linguistics at the University of Iowa in 1994. Her research and publications focus on the effects of immersion experiences and formal instruction on SLA and psycholinguistically motivated theories behind SLA (processing instruction and language transfer).

MARÍA ISABEL MARTÍNEZ MIRA received her B.A. in English Philology from the University of Murcia in Murcia, Spain. She began teaching Spanish at the undergraduate level in 1996 at Millikin University in Decatur, IL, where she was a visiting instructor and taught Spanish language, linguistics, and culture courses. She earned her M.A. in Hispanic Linguistics in 2001 and her Ph.D. in Hispanic Linguistics with a SLATE (Second Language Acquisition and Teacher Education) certification at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign in 2005. Her teaching/research areas include English-Spanish bilingualism, sociolinguistics/Spanish variation, teaching of Spanish for heritage speakers, and languages in contact. She is currently an associate professor (Spanish) at the University of Mary Washington in Fredericksburg, VA. Her research on Spanish has been published in journals such as Spanish in ContextSociolinguistic Studies, and Studies in Hispanic and Lusophone Linguistics.

1. Así somos
2. Aventuras para el tiempo libre
3. Los espectáculos y las artes
4. Tu vida profesional
5. ¡Conéct@te!
6. Tu salud física y mental
7. En tu medio
8. Tu mundo político y económico
9. La inmigración: fusión de culturas
10. Celebraciones y días festivos

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