Q&A with Student Partner Rebecca Kelly

Rebecca Kelly

Student at Delaware Technical Community College

Q&A with Student Partner Rebecca Kelly

How did you come to be a WileyPLUS Student Partner?

I’m going back to school for nursing, and I knew Anatomy would be very challenging. I went to a couple classes and realized I wasn’t retaining the information, so I spoke to my instructor. She said, “Are you really using WileyPLUS?” She said to break the chapter down. Then, use the animations and the activities—get the visuals. It really made a difference for me. I managed to get straight A’s in the course, and she asked me about being a Student Partner. I was just so excited because WileyPLUS got me through the course so well that when I had the opportunity to spread the word to other people, I was on board.

As a student first starting out in class, what do you wish you’d known about WileyPLUS?

I wish I’d known more about the accessibility and the help that WileyPLUS offers. Whenever I’m about to ask a question or having trouble, there’s an animation there. If I hadn’t spoken up to my instructor, I would’ve been in trouble. I’m afraid a lot of students might do that. That’s why I really try and get out there. I’ll sit with students and get them started with ORION if they don’t have enough confidence with it at first.

What do you think are the most valuable resources for students?

The animations are awesome and I use them all the time. And ORION helps students get test-ready. There’s such a large amount of information, and I think ORION brings it all together. When I tell students to use ORION, I see some of them roll their eyes. Soon after they come to me and say, “Will you show me this?”

How have you as a Student Partner helped your instructors?

The instructors are experienced in the whole process and confident about Wiley. But they use me to help solidify what they’re saying. They feel like the students will listen and pay more attention to me and seem to be more apt to ask for me for help. They’re more comfortable with a peer because we understand what they’re going through and how they feel right at that moment.

Can you give an example of when you helped a student?

There was a girl last year that came to me for help. We started to meet once a week for 10-15 minutes to make sure she was going in the right direction. She went from struggling to get a C to getting A’s on her tests. It was such a difference, and her confidence level increased. Now we’re actually taking Anatomy and Physiology 2 together. We get a room in the back of the library and all bring our laptops and have our study groups. If not for the Student Partner program, she would’ve been one that fell through the cracks.

What would you say to a student who’s thinking about becoming a Student Partner?

I would say, “Do it.” It’s been a very positive experience for me, and I’ve met a lot of the faculty and other students. It’s opened up some opportunities, and it’s definitely going to be a positive reference on my resume. It’s also helped me build leadership skills and organizational skills, and that’s what nursing is all about to me.

Rebecca Kelly is a student at Delaware Technical Community College. She recently returned to school to pursue a degree in nursing, following a career of training racehorses.