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Digital-first course materials improve student outcomes, but don’t take our word for it. Listen to everyday instructors and students talk about the transformative benefits of using learning platforms in their courses.

“It’s very important for me to craft a great learning experience for my students.”

Alan Halfen – Professor, University of Kansas

Professor Alan Halfen often found himself lecturing to a room full of unengaged students. WileyPLUS Learning Space helped him turn a tuned-out class into an interactive community of learners.

“Monitoring student progress during the semester is extremely important, and intervening is just vital.”

Sean Hickey – Instructor, University of New Orleans

Before WileyPLUS with Adaptive Practice, Sean Hickey wasn’t sure what his students really knew. Now he uses the data found in this adaptive learning platform to evaluate student progress and intervene on the spot.

“I immediately realized the program would be a huge help.”

DeAnna Kirchen – Professor, Santiago Canyon College

Professor DeAnna Kirchen’s students thought it would be enough to just “show up” to class. WileyPLUS with Adaptive Practice helped her accounting students come to class confident, prepared, and ready to participate.

“91% of participating professors would recommend the WileyPLUS Student Partner program to another professor.”

Michelle Randall – Professor, Schoolcraft College

The Student Partner Program lets you nominate a student who has already successfully taken a course using WileyPLUS to assist other students in your class and act as the main point of contact.

Hear what Student Partners have to say

“Adaptive Practice has helped me keep my head level and know where I am in my class.”

Josh L. – Student, Santiago Canyon College

Then Josh discovered Adaptive Practice. This personalized, adaptive learning tool turned his uncertainty of where he stood in his course into confidence.

“I immediately realized the program would be a huge help. ”

Jonte Ray – Charity School of Nursing, New Orleans

Jonte Ray gave birth to her first child only ten days after college graduation. WileyPLUS helped this busy single mom and nursing student stay on track and achieve her dreams.

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Jill Mitchell

Q&A with Professor Jill Mitchell about Student Partners

Associate Professor of Accounting at Northern Virginia Community College

Rebecca Kelly

Q&A with Student Partner Rebecca Kelly

Student at Delaware Technical Community College

Dr. Joan Barber

Q&A with Dr. Joan Barber

Professor in Zoology from University of Vermont and a PhD in Genetics and Cell Biology from University of Minnesota.

Amelia Barker

Q&A with Student Partner Amelia Barker

Student at Southeastern Louisiana University majoring in Accounting.