Real World Psychology, 3rd Edition

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Real World Psychology, 3rd Edition

By Catherine A. Sanderson and Karen Huffman

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Real World Psychology offers students a wealth of tools and content in a structured learning environment designed to give instructors the freedom and flexibility to tailor curated content and easily manage their course, while keeping students engaged and on track, with the goal of improving student learning outcomes in the course. Real World Psychology is filled with interesting research and abundant opportunities to apply concepts in a real-life context. The course contains a wide array of media content — including author videos, tutorials, and animations, as well as adaptive practice — all of which is integrated at the learning objective level, providing students with a clear and engaging path through the material.

The new edition has been thoroughly updated and features a new focus on Scientific Thinking and Practical Applications underscoring the fact that connecting the principles of psychological science to everyday life is critical to student engagement, and ultimately key to their success – not only in the introductory psychology course, but in whatever their chosen field of study and in everyday life. Students will leave the course with an appreciation of how a basic, yet scientific understanding of human behavior can benefit them in their studies, in their personal lives, and in their professional endeavors.

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Hear from our Authors

What the Authors Say Videos

In these brief videos the authors provide a Chapter Overview, then in each chapter section, they introduce students to the key terms and concepts to give them a better understanding of the topic they are about to study. In a final Chapter Summary video, the authors remind students of the most important points and help them tie concepts together. This valuable resource is available for each chapter and all learning objectives.

Virtual Field Trips

Abundant Tutorial Videos and Virtual Field Trips

In addition to the author videos, modules include tutorial videos and virtual field trips to real places, bringing concepts to life, engaging students in an active learning experience, and appealing to a variety of learning styles.


These engaging animations illustrate difficult-to-learn concepts from a real-world perspective and are included within the module where the topic is being discussed.

Adaptive Practice

Adaptive Practice

Every student has a different starting point, and adaptive practice provides endless opportunities for practice to effectively prepare for class or quizzes and exams. Students begin with a quick, chapter-level diagnostic to determine their initial level of understanding, and they can use the dashboard and quick reports to see what topics they know and don’t know.

Review Quiz

Review Quiz

These pre-created applied quizzes allow instructors to quickly assign a short set of multiple-choice questions that test students’ ability to apply the material they have just learned.

Pre-created Assignments

Pre-created Assignments

Pre-created Assignments allow instructors to save time by choosing from an extensive bank of assignments they can to add to their course. These assignments often highlight questions with embedded audio or video and links to the text. A specific Test Bank Assignment area is available for instructors, allowing them to choose from a different set of questions than those found in the quizzes.

Karen Huffman is an emeritus professor of psychology at Palomar College, San Marcos, California, where she taught full-time until 2010 and served as the psychology student advisor and co-coordinator for psychology faculty. Huffman has received the National Teaching Award for Excellence in Community/Junior College Teaching given by Division Two of the American Psychological Association (APA) as well as many other awards and accolades. Huffman is the author of several textbooks, including Psychology in ActionVisualizing Psychology, and Real World Psychology. Huffman’s special research and presentation focus is on active learning and critical thinking. She has been invited to speak and has conducted numerous presentations, online web seminars, and teaching workshops throughout the United States, Spain, Canada, and Puerto Rico.

Catherine A. Sanderson is the Manwell Family Professor of Life Sciences (Psychology) at Amherst College. She received a bachelor’s degree in psychology with a specialization in health and development from Stanford University, and she received both masters and doctoral degrees in psychology from Princeton University. Sanderson’s research examines how personality and social variables influence health-related behaviors such as safer sex and disordered eating, the development of persuasive messages and interventions to prevent unhealthy behavior, and the predictors of relationship satisfaction. This research has received grant funding from the National Science Foundation and the National Institute of Health. Sanderson has published over 25 journal articles and book chapters in addition to five college textbooks, a high school health textbook, and a popular press book on parenting. In 2012, she was named one of the country’s top 300 professors by the Princeton Review.

  1. Introduction and Research Methods
  2. Neuroscience and Biological Foundations
  3. Stress and Health Psychology
  4. Sensation and Perception
  5. States of Consciousness
  6. Learning
  7. Memory
  8. Thinking, Language, and Intelligence
  9. Life Span Development
  10. Gender and Human Sexuality
  11. Motivation and Emotion
  12. Personality
  13. Psychological Disorders
  14. Therapy
  15. Social Psychology

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