Introductory Statistics, 10th Edition

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Introductory Statistics, 10th Edition

By Prem S. Mann

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Prem Mann understands from experience the challenges many students face when reading about and learning statistics in their non-native language. His clear and straightforward writing style and his use of abundant visuals and figures reinforce key concepts and relate new ideas to prior sections for a smooth transition between topics. Case studies, examples with margin notes, and step-by-step solutions illustrate concepts using relevant real-world topics and applications. Designed for a one-or two- semester course, Statistics, 10th Edition follows the GAISE guidelines for teaching and encourages statistical interpretation and literacy regardless of student background. New videos, Desmos interactives for visualization, and algorithmic homework questions with student metrics promote an engaging environment in any class format.

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Worked Example Videos:

Accompanying each section of the text, these accessible and engaging videos provide step-by-step solutions for selected examples throughout the material.

Desmos Interactives:

Allow students to visualize and interact with difficult statistic concepts that can’t be conveyed with a static graph. Students can manipulate parameters in real-time to give them a solid conceptual understanding of complex topics.

    What’s New

  • New Interactive Applets: Integrated throughout each chapter of the text to engage students with statistics as they are learning.
  • New Data: Integrated throughout WileyPLUS to reinforcing the vibrancy of statistics and the relevance of statistics to student lives today.

    Instructor Resources

  • Instructors Solutions Manual
  • TestGen Computerized Test Bank
  • PowerPoint Lecture Slides
  • Excel Manual Minitab Manual
  • TI-84 Manual
  • Minitab Manual
  • Data Sets
  • Web-Only Chapters
  • Key Formulas
  • Printed Test Bank
  • Mini-Projects

Prem S. Mann, received his Bachelor’s Degrees in Mathematics, Economics, and English, and his Master’s Degree in economics with a specialization in statistics from Punjab University, India. He taught economics and statistics at a Punjab University college for four years. In 1975 he left India for the United Kingdom, where he studied at the University of Manchester and received his second Master’s Degree in Economics and then studied operations research at the London School of Economics. In January 1980, he moved to Los Angeles, California, to study for his PhD in Economics at UCLA, focused on statistics and quantitative methods. Mann taught statistics and quantitative methods at the Los Angeles and Fullerton campuses of California State University, first as an adjunct instructor and then as a full-time faculty member. In 1986, he joined Eastern Connecticut State University as a faculty member, where he taught statistics, mathematics for economics, and econometrics for 29 years. He served as Chair of the Department of Economics at Eastern Connecticut State University for 20 years.

Chapter 1 – Introduction
Chapter 2 – Organizing and Graphing Data
Chapter 3 – Numerical Descriptive Measures
Chapter 4 – Probability
Chapter 5 – Discrete Random Variables and Their Probability Distributions
Chapter 6 – Continuous Random Variables and the Normal Distribution
Chapter 7 – Sampling Distributions
Chapter 8 – Estimation of the Mean and Proportion
Chapter 9 – Hypothesis Tests About the Mean and Proportion
Chapter 10 – Estimation and Hypothesis Testing: Two Populations
Chapter 11 – Chi-Square Tests
Chapter 12 – Analysis of Variance
Chapter 13 – Simple Linear Regression
Chapter 14 – Multiple Regression
Chapter 15 – Nonparametric Methods