Contemporary Business, 19th Edition

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Contemporary Business, 19th Edition

By Louis E. Boone, David L. Kurtz, and Brahm Canzer

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Student-friendly, engaging, and accessible, Contemporary Business, 19th Edition equips students with the skills to assess and solve today’s global business challenges and succeed in a fast-paced environment. Designed to drive interest in business, our newest edition offers a comprehensive approach to the material, including a variety of resources to support today’s students. Its modern approach, wealth of videos, relevant and up-to-date content, and career readiness resources keep your course current and engaging.

WileyPLUS for Contemporary Business gives you and your students unique insights into the professional business world with author-produced videos, mini-simulations, adaptive assignments, and a pre-built course to simplify the learning process and course prep time. Pre-built courses and adaptive assignments are developed by authors and experts to improve student learning with carefully curated learning paths and assignments.

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Original videos and podcasts bring the content to life:

New! Podcast Chapter Summaries give a brief overview of each chapter’s content.

Lecture overview videos feature Wiley authors delivering an overview of each chapter topic and learning objective.

Video case studies highlight stories of companies and organizations and give students an inside look at what makes these businesses successful.

Career-focused student case videos give students a look into the business careers of recent graduates.

Career Center includes career coaching videos, CareerShift, InsideTrack, and ePortfolio assistan

Drive engagement and prepare students using hands-on practice with interactive case studies and mini simulations.

The New! Applied Focus Assignment: Lululemon gives students the opportunity to apply important concepts from each chapter to an influential real-world company.

New! Mini Simulations put students in the driver’s seat, giving them interactive and experiential exposure to real-world business decision-making. These short, game-like exercises help your students tie contemporary business concepts to the workplace.

Over 30 interactive case studies provide business scenarios for students to study, answer questions, and draw conclusions, following up with guided assignment suggestions for further research.

End-of-Chapter Cases enhance learning and fine-tune decision-making skills. Companies and topics discussed include Shinola, Yelp, SoFi (Social Finance), the Heinz–Kraft merger, and tax implications for the Internet of Things.

Wiley Contemporary Business Weekly Updates, provides weekly highlights of the latest in business news and current affairs. Each week’s update includes links to relevant business news articles and video clips, with discussion questions to help guide an understanding of the news item and encourage classroom analysis and discussion.

Teach with confidence with just-in-time support and pre-built courses.

New! Adaptive Assignments offer personalized, just-in-time support and targeted instruction for students. Through scaffolded learning and actionable analytics, adaptive assignments bridge knowledge and skill gaps and support student and class intervention.

New! Pre-built Courses are developed by authors and experts to improve student learning with carefully curated learning paths in every chapter. Each chapter includes e-text content, simulations, videos, case studies, activities, and assessments. Pre-built courses are fully customizable and easy to set up, giving you the flexibility to launch your course in minutes.

    What’s New

    NEW! Pair your course with You Got This! The Real Skills You Need for Career Success. Ten modules are included in this innovative, all-digital course, which addresses core content topics such as critical thinking, communication, emotional intelligence, and intercultural aptitude. The combo course integrates original videos, quizzes, animated simulations, and career resources seamlessly into your Boone Contemporary Business course. Modeled after the National Association of Colleges and Employers (NACE) eight career readiness competencies, this paired combo course helps students build the skills they need to succeed in today’s workplace.

    Content Changes

    Throughout the course, new material, updates, and overviews of new, global business and technology trends have been added:

  • Disruptive technologies and trends
  • Career readiness, soft skills, and career opportunities in various industries and sectors
  • Integration of machines and artificial intelligence in the workplace
  • Updated U.S. merchandise exports and imports
  • Top global franchise companies
  • Best industries for starting a small business
  • Venture capital investment trends by industry
  • Well-known mergers and acquisitions
  • A comparison between entrepreneurship and starting a business or staying in school
  • The impact of cognitive and robotic technology on human resources (recruitment and selection/employee evaluation)
  • Unique and creative employee perks
  • An explanation of digital marketing and analytics to quantify and analyze customer behavior through site visits and social media platforms, app downloads, mobile devices, and tweets
  • An analysis of stock market quotes
  • Fintech (financial technology) categories and companies

DAVID KURTZ and LOUIS (GENE) BOONE were longtime co-authors of many editions of this textbook. Kurtz is a former professor at the University of Arkansas and the author of many books and articles. Boone received his doctorate in marketing along with Kurtz and was late professor emeritus at the University of South Alabama in Mobile. Together, Kurtz and Boone produced more than 50 books and textbooks and collaborated on many other projects, as well as being involved in various entrepreneurial ventures. Their decades-long partnership ended with Gene’s death in 2005, but Contemporary Business will always bear the mark of their work together

BRAHM CANZER Ph.D. M.B.A is the lead author of this edition of Contemporary Business. A retired Professor of Business and Strategic Marketing at John Abbott College, McGill University, and Concordia University in Montreal, Canzer is the author and co-author of several business textbooks and manager of websites supplementing content for business textbooks. He was a pioneer in developing and teaching online business courseware at the college and university level. His research interests include the study of environmental forces affecting change in strategic business thinking and practices and the disruptions to industries as a result of change. He continues to help not-for-profit organizations use business thinking to develop online learning environments and educational interventions that support positive social behaviors.

1. The Changing Face of Business
2. Economic Challenges Facing Business Today
3. International Business and Competing in World Markets
4. Business Ethics and Social Responsibility
5. Small Business and the Legal Forms of Business Ownership
6. Entrepreneurship and Starting a Business
7. Management, Leadership, and the Internal Organization
8. Human Resource Management: From Recruitment to Labour Relations
9. Top Performance through Empowerment, Teamwork, and Communication
10. Production and Operations Management
11. Using Technology to Manage Information
12. Customer-Driven Marketing
13. Product and Distribution Strategies
14. Promotion and Pricing Strategies
15. Trends in E-Commerce
16. Understanding Accounting and Financial Statements
17. The Financial System and Investing
18. Financial Management

A. Business Law
B. Insurance and Risk Management
C. Personal Financial Planning
D. Developing a Business Plan
E. Careers in Business Today
F. Launching Your Career

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