Get excited. The next generation of WileyPLUS is here.

Get excited. The next generation of WileyPLUS is here.

The next generation of WileyPLUS gives instructors the freedom and flexibility to easily customize their course, keeping students engaged and on track.


In the Fall 2017 pilot program, 93% of participating instructors said WileyPLUS Next Gen is better or much better than their current WileyPLUS course.

Students Love It

“Everything is easy to find, and I like that the homework due dates are visible on the side and pop up right away.”

“I love the look of it, and it’s more user-friendly.”

“The interactions are embedded in the material and the resources are easy to access.”

“You can access the homework for each section after reading the PowerPoint(TM) lecture. It’s easy to keep track of everything because it’s all in one place.”

“I like the eTextbook over a printed book. This should save money for students and save paper, too.”

Instructors Love It

“I love the calendar function, the eTextbook, and being able to link to individual modules.”

“It’s more interactive and easier to navigate.”

“Being built on the canvas platform allows WileyPLUS Next Gen to integrate easily into my institution’s LMS.”

“The ability to highlight, take notes, and search improves the functionality of the eTextbook tremendously. I feel like students will get more from this version of WileyPLUS.”

The new WileyPLUS lets instructors tailor their course to reflect their teaching style.

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