WileyPLUS Increases Student Engagement and Preparedness

Instructors agree—it’s difficult to maximize classroom time when students are not fully engaged in the course or come to class unprepared, but WileyPLUS can help. WileyPLUS is touted by students and instructors for its positive influence in the classroom, helping students stay motivated and take control of their learning. See the benefits.

WileyPLUS Increases Student Engagement and Preparedness

“It’s very important for me to craft a great learning experience for my students.”

Alan Halfen
Professor, University of Kansas

“91% of participating professors would recommend the WileyPLUS Student Partner program to another professor.”

Michelle Randall
Professor, Schoolcraft College

“I immediately realized the program would be a huge help.”

Jonte Ray
Charity School of Nursing, New Orleans

“ORION has helped me keep my head level and know where I am in my class. It’s been tremendously helpful.”

Josh L.
Santiago Canyon College