WileyPLUS in the Classroom: How to Maximize the Impact of Student Learning Tools

WileyPLUS in the Classroom: How to Maximize the Impact of Student Learning Tools

Help Students Become Independent Thinkers with WileyPLUS

Let’s face it, memorization does not equate to real learning. The majority of instructors we talk to want to teach motivated learners who can drill down into a topic, think critically, and solve problems on their own—skills that resonate both inside and outside the classroom.

Help your students hone these skills by using the student learning tools available in WileyPLUS. Try implementing the following tips and strategies curated from instructors who use WileyPLUS in their classrooms:

Start Early

Point out resources like videos, self-study questions, and PowerPoints on the first day so students will be equipped with the knowledge to succeed all semester long.

Assign Reading Assessments Before Class

Having short reading quizzes before class ensures that students not only do the reading, but they are retaining the information you deem most relevant.

Create a Window of Due Dates

Students can work ahead—or revisit items—within the due date window. This allows high-achieving students to work ahead while others that need support can get additional help.

Make Adaptive Practice Count

By assigning ORION Adaptive Practice as part of a student’s grade, students have incentive to take advantage of the hundreds of practice questions and come to class or their tests more prepared.

Take Advantage of Video or Narrated Chapters Overview

For fast moving courses or to review more difficult concepts, students can access videos or narrated chapters overview that reinforce class lectures and help them catch up.

Enrich Lessons with PowerPoints

PowerPoints can be a simple, straightforward way to help students learn the key topics and concepts of each chapter. They also make great study tools.

Give Them Extra Credit

Assign the ancillary materials available in WileyPLUS as extra credit to encourage more study time with the material. Or, prepare one quiz for a grade and an additional quiz for extra credit.

When you provide students with the tools to learn and engage more fully with the material, you’ve empowered them to think more deeply about topics and apply what they’ve learned in any situation.

These tips and strategies were curated from your peers in the WileyPLUS Studio, an online community of educators who connect, collaborate, and have fun with activities related to WileyPLUS.