WileyPLUS Peer Advisor Program

WileyPLUS Peer Advisor Program

Now more than ever, instructors are challenged with building online or hybrid courses that are organized, dynamic, and impactful. Learn how to accomplish this and more with help from expert instructors who have first-hand experience teaching online. Our WileyPLUS Peer Advisors provide:

  • Discipline and course-specific strategies.
  • Practical advice on course design.
  • WileyPLUS applications and best practices.
  • Tips on pedagogy and instructional design.
  • Expertise for online or hybrid teaching.

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Meet a Few of Our WileyPLUS Peer Advisors

Dr. Erica Harrison


Dr. Erica Harrison teaches General Biology I and II, Anatomy and Physiology I and II, and Microbiology at Southeastern Technical College in Georgia. She’s taught for six years now and makes it a point to show grace with her students, living by the motto “If to correct you must humiliate, you don’t know how to teach.” Her mom died when she was six, and she was raised by her aunt and uncle who consider her to be their greatest “inheritance.” If she weren’t an educator, she’d love to be an artist and is passionate about painting.

Chris Dahlvig


Chris Dahlvig teaches Financial, Managerial, and Auditing online as well as Financial, Managerial, Auditing, Cost, and Advanced Accounting courses on campus at Linfield College in Oregon. He’s been teaching in person for 12 years and online for three years. He once took an accounting class in college based entirely on the fact that the professor sounded like Burl Ives. Today, he’s inspired by Small Teaching Online by Flower Darby and James Lang and the Teaching in Higher Ed podcast interview with Dr. Michael Wesch on simple and effective ways to improve the online experience for students.

Allison Davidson


Allison Davidson is an assistant professor at Muhlenberg College in Pennsylvania where she teaches Introductory Statistical Analysis, Intermediate Statistical Models, and an upper level course in Probability and Mathematical Statistics. She’s been teaching for six years and has found that she’s better able to connect with her students when she listens—using this skill to her advantage in a variety of settings from in-class opportunities to interacting with students on campus. She believes students get more out of learning if they’re the ones in charge, which is why her office hours are by appointment only. In her spare time, she creates artwork, most of which is displayed in her home.