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Introducing Academic Integrity Support

Ignite Student Integrity

We know how important academic integrity is to you, your students, and the higher education institutions we serve. Addressing this issue decisively and effectively is essential to the future of education, especially during a time of rapid growth in online and hybrid learning.

Wiley is proud to be a Platinum Sponsor of the 2022 Conference for the International Center for Academic Integrity

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Ignite Student Integrity with…

  • Built-in high-integrity assessments, question pools, value randomization, answer shuffling, generic question titles, timed assignments, password-protected assignments, and assignment availability restrictions.
  • Tools, such as the WileyPLUS Academic Integrity Pledge, featuring an 11-question quiz designed to educate and support students with academic integrity
  • Thought-leadership resources, including webinars, events, and content to help you create a culture of integrity and personal responsibility

Available now in WileyPLUS.