Matter and Interactions, 4th Edition

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Matter and Interactions, 4th Edition

By Ruth W. Chabay and Bruce Sherwood

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Matter and Interactions offers a modern curriculum for introductory (calculus) physics and is the first edition to include WileyPLUS with every end-of-chapter problem and a fully integrated online text

WileyPLUS for Matter and Interactions is an online teaching and learning platform that helps instructors and students achieve educational success.

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Students get plenty of practice with end-of-chapter problems.

Available in WileyPLUS, every end-of-chapter problem from the text is available with algorithmic values to curb cheating as well as provide robust practice and assessment capabilities.

Interactive online text helps drive student engagement.

The full online text in WileyPLUS links individual problems back to the relevant chapter content.

Features Include

  • Discussion throughout the text contrasting iterative and analytical problem solutions
  • Many new computational modeling problems, large and small
  • More discussion throughout of the contrast between models of a system as a point particle and as an extended system
  • Improved discussion of the Momentum Principle throughout Volume 1
  • Enhanced treatment of polarization surface charge in electrostatics (Chapter 14) and circuits (Chapter 18) based on computational models
  • Extensive problem sets at the end of each chapter with improved indication of difficulty level

VOLUME I: Modern Mechanics

  1. Interactions and Motion
  2. The Momentum Principle
  3. The Fundamental Interactions
  4. Contact Interactions
  5. Determining Forces from Motion
  6. The Energy Principle
  7. Internal Energy
  8. Energy Quantization
  9. Translational, Rotational, and Vibrational Energy
  10. Collisions
  11. Angular Momentum
  12. Entropy: Limits on the Possible

VOLUME II: Electric and Magnetic Interactions

  1. Electric Field
  2. Electric Fields and Matter
  3. Electric Field of Distributed Charges
  4. Electric Potential
  5. Magnetic Field
  6. Electric Field and Circuits
  7. Circuit Elements
  8. Magnetic Force
  9. Patterns of Field in Space
  10. Faraday’s Law
  11. Electromagnetic Radiation

Electromagnetic RadiationThe following supplements can be found at

Supplement S1 Gases and Heat Engines S1-1

Supplement S2 Semiconductor Devices S2-1

Supplement S3 Waves S3-1