Brief Calculus: An Applied Approach, 8th Edition

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Brief Calculus: An Applied Approach, 8th Edition

By Michael Sullivan

Brief Calculus: An Applied Approach demonstrates how mathematics applies to various fields of study in a manner designed to engage students. The course is packed with real data and real-life applications to business, economics, and the social and life sciences. It features goal-oriented pedagogy to further help student understanding, with over 600 questions and CPA practice problem sets rendered algorithmically with full hints and solutions.

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Michael Sullivan is Professor Emeritus in the Department of Mathematics and Computer Science at Chicago State University where he taught for 35 years before retiring a few years ago. Dr. Sullivan is a member of the American Mathematical Society, the Mathematical Association of America, and the American Mathematical Society, the Mathematical Association of America, and the American Mathematical Association of Two year Colleges. he is President of the Text and Academic Authors Association and Represents that organization on the Authors Coalition of America. Mike has been writing textbooks in mathematics for over 30 years. He currently has 13 books in print: 3 texts with John Wiley & Sons and 10 with Prentice-Hall. Six of these titles are co-authored with his son, Michael Sullivan III.

Mike has four children: Kathleen, who teaches college mathematics; Michael, who teaches college mathematics, Dan, who is a Prentice-Hall sales representative , and Colleen, who teaches middle-School mathematics. Nine grandchildren round out the family.

Chapter 1. Functions and Their Graphs
Chapter 2. Classes of Functions
Chapter 3. The Limit of a Function
Chapter 4. The Derivative of a Function
Chapter 5. Applications: Graphing Functions; Optimization
Chapter 6. The Integral of a Function and Applications
Chapter 7. Other Applications and Extensions of the Integral
Chapter 8. Calculus of Functions of Two or More Variables

Graphing Utilities:
A. The Viewing Rectangle
B. Using a Graphing Utility to Graph Equations
C. Square Screens
D. Using a Graphing Utility To Locate Intercepts and Check for Symmetry
E. Using a Graphing Utility to Solve Equations
Answers to Odd-Numbers Problems
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