Introductory Statistics, 9th Edition

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Introductory Statistics, 9th Edition

By Prem S. Mann

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Introductory Statistics is designed for a one- or two-semester first course in applied statistics and is intended for students who do not have a strong background in mathematics. This course makes the subject of statistics interesting and accessible to a wide and varied audience by providing realistic content in examples. Known for its clarity and brevity, Introductory Statistics is easy to teach from and easy to learn from.

The next generation of WileyPLUS for Introductory Statistics gives instructors the freedom and flexibility to tailor content and easily manage their course to keep students engaged and on track.

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Adaptive practice offers a personalized and assignable experience for every student.

The next generation of WileyPLUS for Introductory Statistics includes adaptive practice, covering every section learning objective as well as the prerequisite algebra needed to be successful in an Introduction to Statistics course.

A complete and assignable worked example video series is provided.

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    What’s New

    Introductory Statistics enhancements include:

  • Refreshed Exercises: Several of the examples and exercises are new or revised, providing contemporary and varied ways for students to practice statistical concepts.
  • Revamped Case Studies: Most of the case studies are new or revised, drawing on current uses of statistics in areas of student interest.
  • New Data: Fresh data are integrated throughout, reinforcing the vibrancy of statistics and the relevance of statistics to student lives right now.
  • Updated Sections: The Technology Instructions sections have been updated to support the use of the latest version of TI-84 Color/TI-84, Minitab, and Excel. Most of the Uses and Misuses sections have been updated or replaced.

Prem S. Mann, professor and chairman of the department of economics at Eastern Connecticut State University (ECSU), holds an M.A. in economics from Panjab University (India) and from University of Manchester (England), and a Ph.D. in economics from UCLA. Before joining ECSU, he taught at California State University campuses at Los Angeles and Fullerton. Mann’s specializations are in the areas of microeconomics, labor economics, and statistics. He usually teaches Statistics for Economics and Business, Mathematics for Economics, Introduction to Econometrics, Quantitative Methods for Business and Economics, and the Senior Economics Seminar. In addition to publishing many articles in reputable economic journals, Mann has authored three textbooks on statistics: Introductory Statistics, Ninth Edition, Introductory Statistics Using Technology, Fifth Edition, and Statistics for Business and Economics. Introductory Statistics and Statistics for Business and Economics have been translated into the Chinese, Portuguese, and Serbian languages. He has also coauthored a book titled Practitioner’s Guide to Statistics and Lean Six Sigma for Process Improvements with Mikel J. Harry, Ofelia C. DeHodgins, Richard L. Hulbert, and Christopher J. Lacke.

1. Introduction
2. Organizing and Graphing Data
3. Numerical Descriptive Measures
4. Probability
5. Discrete Random Variables and Their Probability Distribution
6. Continuous Random Variables and the Normal Distribution
7. Sampling Distributions
8. Estimation of the Mean and Proportion
9. Hypothesis Tests About the Mean and Proportion
10. Estimation and Hypothesis Testing: Two Populations
11. Chi-Square Tests
12. Analysis of Variance
13. Simple Linear Regression
14. Multiple Regression
15. Nonparametric Methods
A. Explanation of Data Sets
B. Statistical Tables