Explorations in College Algebra, 6th Edition

Book Cover

Explorations in College Algebra, 6th Edition

By Linda Almgren Kime, Judy Clark, and Beverly K. Michael

The overarching goal of Explorations in College Algebra is to reshape the college algebra course and make it more relevant and accessible to all students. This is achieved by shifting the focus from learning a set of discrete mechanical rules to exploring how algebra is used in social and physical sciences and in the world. By connecting mathematics to real-life situations, students will come to appreciate its power and beauty.

WileyPLUS for Explorations in College Algebra includes ORION Adaptive Practice that helps students build their proficiency on topics and use their study time more effectively.

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ORION Adaptive Practice provides students with a clear and actionable plan to help identify knowledge gaps.

ORION offers students unlimited adaptive practice at the learning objective level for all chapters and sections in the program. ORION provides a personalized and easy-to-use student experience. Instructors benefit from actionable analytics that show exactly where each student is excelling, as well as where the class is on topics and learning objectives.

The Worked Example Video Series provides students with instruction consistent with your teaching style

The Worked Example Video Series provides students with author-vetted content that has consistent pedagogy with the text and how instructors teach. The authors created these videos for the most difficult concepts in each chapter and section of the course.

The ORION Algebra Refresher module identifies and helps remediate knowledge gaps in prerequisite skills.

An Algebra Refresher module is included in ORION to diagnose and remediate learning gaps on prerequisite skills. The Algebra Refresher module helps ensure all students get off to the right start in college algebra.

Chapter 1: An Introduction to Data and Functions

Chapter 2: Rates of Change and Linear Functions

Chapter 3: When Lines Meet: Linear Systems

Chapter 4: The Laws of Exponents and Logarithms: Measuring the Universe

Chapter 5: Growth and Decay: An Introduction to Exponential Functions

Chapter 6: Logarithmic Links: Logarithmic and Exponential Functions

Chapter 7: Power Functions

Chapter 8: Quadratics and the Mathematics of Motion

Chapter 9: New Functions from Old

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