Applied Calculus, 6th Edition

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Applied Calculus, 6th Edition

Deborah Hughes-Hallett, Andrew Gleason, Patti Lock, and Daniel Flath

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WileyPLUS for Applied Calculus, 6th Edition combines a modern digital environment with proven pedagogy. Enjoy the freedom to move forward in the course by addressing student preparation or remediation through built-in algebra and trigonometry refresher material and adaptive practice. This text continues the Harvard Consortium’s effort to promote courses in which understanding and computation reinforce each other to reduce complicated problems to simple procedures without losing sight of the practical value of mathematics. The sixth edition continues to support interactive classrooms and provides instructors and students with well-crafted problems that promote student learning. This market-leading program exhibits the same strengths as earlier editions, including the “Rule of Four,” an emphasis on concepts and modeling, exposition that students can easily comprehend, and a flexible approach to technology. WileyPLUS provides a flexible platform with customizable content to elevate students’ experience in the modern classroom. Algorithmic auto-graded homework questions and adaptive practice with many viewable metrics and analytics provide a comprehensive, data-driven approach to engage students. New in WileyPLUS, symbolic palette and graphing questions powered by GeoGebra give instructors the ability to assign more complex auto-graded questions to enhance conceptual understanding in math.

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Adaptive practice

offers students unlimited practice at the learning objective level for all chapters and sections in the program, providing a clear and actionable plan to help identify knowledge gaps. Instructors benefit from actionable analytics that show exactly where each student is excelling, as well as where the class is on topics and learning objectives.

Worked Example Videos

Over 100 NEW author-created Worked Example Videos help build problem-solving skills. The author-created Worked Example Videos provide students with the opportunity to see and hear the program’s examples as they are being explained and worked out in detail.

New Interactive Questions

New in WileyPLUS, symbolic palette and graphing questions powered by GeoGebra give instructors the ability to assign more complex auto-graded questions to enhance conceptual understanding in math. Enhance your homework assessments with flexible, accurate, and reliable symbolic palette entry and real-time manipulation of graphs.

    What’s New

    Over 100 NEW author created worked example videos which provide students the opportunity to see and hear the text’s examples being explained and worked out in detail. 

    Strengthen Your Understanding true/false problems that focus on conceptual understanding.

    ConcepTest questions or clicker questions, modeled on the pioneering work of Harvard physicist Eric Mazur, are questions designed to promote active learning during class, particularly (but not exclusively) in large lectures.  Evaluation data showed that students taught with ConcepTests outperformed students taught by traditional lecture methods 73% versus 17% on conceptual questions, and 63% versus 54% on computational problems.

Origin of the Text: A Community of Instructors

This text, like others we write, draws on the experience of a diverse group of authors and users. We have benefitted enormously from input from a broad spectrum of instructors—at research universities, four-year colleges, community colleges, and secondary schools. For Applied Calculus, the contributions of colleagues in biology, economics, medicine, business, and other life and social sciences have been equally central to the development of the text. It is the collective wisdom of this community of mathematicians, teachers, and natural and social scientists that forms the basis for the new edition.

Deborah Hughes-Hallett

David O. Lomen

Karen Rhea

Patti Frazer Lock

David Lovelock

Ayşe Şahin

Daniel E. Flath

Guadalupe I. Lozano

Adam Spiegler

Andrew M. Gleason

William G. McCallum

Jeff Tecosky-Feldman

Eric Connally

Brad G. Osgood

Thomas W. Tucker

Selin Kalaycıoğlu

Cody L. Patterson

Aaron D. Wooton

Brigitte Lahme

Douglas Quinney

1. Functions and Change
2. Rate of Change: The Derivative
3. Short-Cuts to Differentiation
4. Using the Derivative
5. Accumulated Change: The Definite Integral
6. Using the Definite Integral
7. Antiderivatives
8. Probability
9. Functions of Several Variables
10. Mathematical Modeling Using Differential Equations
11. Geometric Series

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