Applied Calculus, 6th Edition

Book Cover

Applied Calculus, 6th Edition

Deborah Hughes-Hallett, Andrew Gleason, Patti Lock, and Daniel Flath

Applied Calculus promotes understanding computation by reducing complicated problems to simple procedures without losing sight of the practical value of mathematics. This program supports interactive classrooms, providing instructors and students with well-crafted problems that promote student learning. This market-leading course follows the “Rule of Four” with its emphasis on concepts and modeling that students can easily comprehend and offers a flexible approach to technology.

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Adaptive practice provides endless opportunities for practice to effectively prepare students for class or quizzes and exams.

Active retrieval of information with practice questions is proven to improve retention of information better than re-reading or reviewing the material, and students who use adaptive practice to prepare for exams do significantly better than those who do not. Students begin with a quick, section-level diagnostic to determine their initial level of understanding, and they can use the dashboard and quick reports to see what topics they know and don’t know.

Worked Example Videos help students build problem-solving skills.

Worked Example Videos help students build problem-solving skills. Over 100 Worked Example Videos provide students with the opportunity to see and hear the course’s examples as they are being explained and worked out in detail.

Algorithmic questions guide students through more difficult math problems.

New HTML5 WileyPLUS algorithmic questions were developed to evaluate the more complex equations presented throughout the course.

    What’s New

  • New Math Maple HTML5-Based Questions:Incorporated throughout the course, these questions help make the course an easy-to-use mobile experience.
  • More WileyPLUS Questions: A new question bank ensures accuracy and reflects the problem-solving approach of the course.
  • Strengthen Your Understanding True/False Problems: These problems focus on conceptual understanding.
  • Updated Data and Fresh Applications: These enhancements include problems on sustainability.
  • Many New Problems: Problems have been added to the course designed to build student confidence with basic concepts and help reinforce skills.
  • Case Studies on Medicine
  • NEW Appendices That Extend Ideas in the Course
  • NEW Section 11 on Geometric Series (in WileyPLUS only)

Origin of the Course: A Community of Instructors

This course, like others we produce, draws on the experience of a diverse group of authors and users. We have benefitted enormously from input from a broad spectrum of instructors at research universities, four-year colleges, community colleges, and secondary schools. For Applied Calculus, the contributions of colleagues in biology, economics, medicine, business, and other life and social sciences have been equally central to the development of the course. It is the collective wisdom of this community of mathematicians, teachers, and natural and social scientists that forms the basis for this new course version.

1. Functions and Change
2. Rate of Change: The Derivative
3. Short-Cuts to Differentiation
4. Using the Derivative
5. Accumulated Change: The Definite Integral
6. Using the Definite Integral
7. Antiderivatives
8. Probability
9. Functions of Several Variables
10. Mathematical Modeling Using Differential Equations
11. Geometric Series

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