Marketing Research, 10th Edition

Marketing Research, 10th Edition Book Cover

Marketing Research, 10th Edition

By Carl McDaniel, Jr., Roger Gates

In Marketing Research, 10th Edition, authors Carl McDaniel and Roger Gates share their industry experience to teach students how to make critical business decisions through the study of market research. Designed for marketing research courses, the authors’ practical, applications-based approach features Real Data, Real People, and Real Research, to prepare students to conduct and use market research for future careers in business. Co-author Roger Gates, President of DSS Research, infuses the text with a practitioner perspective, helping students learn how to use marketing research through a practical presentation of theory and practice.

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Chapter 1 The Role of Marketing Research in Management Decision Making
Chapter 2 The Marketing Research Industry and Research Ethics
Chapter 3 Problem Definition, Exploratory Research, and the Research Process
Chapter 4 Secondary Data and Databases
Chapter 5 Qualitative Research
Chapter 6 Traditional Survey Research
Chapter 7 Online Marketing Research
Chapter 8 Primary Data Collection: Observation
Chapter 9 Primary Data Collection: Experimentation and Test Markets
Chapter 10 The Concept of Measurement
Chapter 11 Using Measurement Scales to Build Marketing Effectiveness
Chapter 12 Questionnaire Design
Chapter 13 Basic Sampling Issues
Chapter 14 Sample Size Determination
Chapter 15 Data Processing and Fundamental Data Analysis
Chapter 16 Statistical Testing Of Differences and Relationships
Chapter 17 Bivariate Correlation and Regression
Chapter 18 Multivariate Data Analysis
Chapter 19 Communicating the Research Results
Chapter 20 Managing Marketing Research

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