You Got This! The Real Skills You Need For Career Success, 1st Edition

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You Got This! The Real Skills You Need For Career Success, 1st Edition

By Andrew Loos, Shelley Burns, Shari Carpenter, Lisa Shumate, Bill Imada

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An iCIMS Hiring Insights study found that 94% of hiring managers believe employees with stronger soft skills have a better chance of getting hired or promoted than a well-experienced employee with limited soft skills, but over 60% of college graduates feel they are not adequately prepared with the skills needed to excel, contribute, and experience upward mobility at the next level.

Close the gap between what you learn in school and the soft skills employers expect from professionals entering the workforce with You Got This!. Learn essential skills such as communication, team building, critical thinking, and professionalism with explainer videos and advice from industry experts, quizzes, assessment, activities, and animated work scenarios in WileyPLUS. Based on the National Association of Colleges and Employers (NACE) eight career readiness competencies, understand the skills needed to navigate workplace challenges and forge a path towards professional success and satisfaction.

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Ignite interest in essential job skills with video-based activities.

Students learn from video activities featuring the actionable advice of industry leaders, young professionals, and influencers, providing different perspectives and experiences.

  • Expert Interview Videos provide students first-hand knowledge and experiences that help bring the key skills to life.
  • Whiteboard Animation Explainer Videos explain, demonstrate, and walk students through key content.
  • Ask an Author Videos are driven by student questions and provides real-world advice and tips in an engaging conversational style from authors.
  • Roundtable Videos are questions posed by the authors, providing advice and career readiness tips by recent graduates.
  • Through a variety of assessment and low-stakes practice, students understand essential soft skills. A series of open-ended discussion questions accompany Ask an Author, Expert Interview and You Make the Call! videos, as well as quiz questions for each chapter.

Develop critical thinking and emotional intelligence in students through engaging, real-world scenarios.

“You Make the Call” simulation videos encourage students to pick between multiple scenarios and determine the best approach to everyday workplace challenges. Some topics include dealing with a rude co-worker, identifying an opportunity to show leadership, being an effective leader, or having strong listening skills. Videos can be paired with open-ended discussion questions or multiple-choice to fit various class formats, such as hybrid or virtual.

Equip students with the tools needed to build their personal brand.

With virtual recruiting and remote work, students learn to effectively reflect their personal brand online so they can find and nurture careers they love. Help students highlight their relevant skills and experience, using templates and guides such as How to Build an Effective LinkedIn Profile, Interview Tips and Common Questions to Expect, Job Search and Networking Tips, and more.

Easily integrate different types of career skills courses thanks to the modular organization and flexible platform design.

Whether you’re teaching a Professional Skills course, preparing students for internships, or integrating soft skills into other courses, choose the skills your students will learn with flexible course design and modules. By selecting only, the content your students need, streamline your course, creating the perfect experience for career success courses.

Andrew Loos—Co-Founder of Attack! Marketing As Chief Strategy Officer of Attack!, Andrew has created meaningful brand experiences and personal consumer connections through strategy, creative design, and thoughtful execution for the past two decades. He has designed marketing programs for clients such as Kellogg’s, LYFT, Macy’s, Nike, Pepsi, Redbox, Samsung, and T-Mobile and is passionate about sharing solutions with others in academia and the private sector.

Andrew dedicates part of his time to speaking, authoring, and consulting in the spirit of scholarship and the free exchange of ideas within the marketing space. He also contributes to the broader industry dialogue, and his expertise has been featured in Adweek, Inc., Fast Company, Event Marketer, PROMO, and Chief Marketer.

Andrew recently finished coauthoring WILEY’s Applied Marketing, which is currently in use in colleges throughout the United States and Canada. Andrew has also been a keynote speaker at many major conferences and continues to guest lecture at colleges throughout the United States.

Shelley Olds Burns, MEd—Director of the Center for Professional Skills and Development at University of Richmond’s Robins School of Business A strategic thought leader and advisor with expertise managing early-stage career individuals, Shelley serves as a business school liaison to the university’s career services office and develops boutique soft-skill professional development programs to enhance students’ business acumen.

Shelley is a former medical school educator at Virginia Commonwealth University Medical Center, where she collaborated with physician educators to implement medical school curriculum and soft skill professional development programs.

Her signature program, Q-camp, is an interpersonal skills “boot camp” that has been noted in Money Magazine, Business Week, and USA Today for its success in preparing students to network and successfully transition into the twenty-first-century workforce.

Shari Carpenter, PhD—Professor of Marketing at Eastern Oregon University, Chief Motivator at TheAgency@EOU Shari’s remarkable passion for life has helped countless people achieve their educational goals by guiding them through the rigorous academic process. After serving in various capacities in marketing, her extensive experience in business and entrepreneurship paved the way for her to pursue a career in academia.

Earlier, Shari attained two undergraduate degrees from Purdue University before opening her first advertising agency. Later, she continued her education and attained her MBA and doctorate degrees.

Shari’s teaching methods focus on experiential learning, enabling students to build the critical skills they will need to excel in their future careers. As a tenured professor, Shari’s methodology incorporates contemporary business issues, dynamic content delivery, and a participatory leadership style. Beyond teaching fundamental concepts, Shari’s goals are to advance lifelong learning skills, promote critical-thinking processes, and instill problem-solving techniques in her students.

Lisa Shumate—Associate Vice President at University of Houston and General Manager, Houston Public Media As Associate Vice President of the University of Houston System, General Manager at Houston Public Media, and Executive Director of the Houston Public Media Foundation, Lisa is responsible for all aspects of Houston Public Media and its media assets. Her responsibilities span strategic positioning, planning, and implementation; exceeding revenue goals and expense management; integrating broadcast and IT; expanding content across broadcast, Web, mobile, and social; recruiting and retaining top talent; and creating a culture of innovation and inclusion. Lisa is a proven media executive with a leadership track record spanning 20 years in major markets in the United States.

Lisa also boasts many leadership strengths that help cultivate innovative and inclusive workplaces. She holds national leadership positions on the boards of the PBS Foundation, American Public Television, and the Public Television Major Market Group. Lisa is an accomplished speaker and published author who expands her footprint to share wisdom and encouragement to emerging generations as they strive to navigate critical phases in their lives. She holds an MBA from the University of Houston and is a recent graduate of Rice University’s Leadership Coaching Program. Her recent book, Always and Never: 20 Truths for a Happy Heart, and the companion journal provide an excellent resource for twentysomethings, walking them through the 20 truths they should always and never incorporate into their lives.

Bill Imada—Cofounder at I.W. Group and Cofounder of the National Millennial and GenZ Community For more than three decades, Bill has guided some of the top global brands in reaching the growing intercultural and cross-generational markets in the United States, including Lexus, McDonald’s, Netflix, Walmart, Walt Disney, and Wells Fargo. His firm, IW Group, has built a solid reputation for excellence in culturally relevant advertising, marketing, public relations, and activations.

Bill cofounded four unique national organizations and is a serial entrepreneur, angel investor, and problem-solver who strives to live a purposeful life. He serves on various boards such as the Advertising Educational Foundation, the Coalition of Asian Pacifics in Entertainment, and the PBS Foundation in his spare time.

Earlier, Bill worked with the Obama administration and continued with the Trump administration, for a brief time, as a member of the President’s Advisory Commission on Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders.

In 2015, Bill cofounded the National Millennial Community, an organization of young-adult thinkers who strive to engage in civil discourse to address some of the country’s most pressing challenges. NMC has executed multiple think tank conversations with key influencers in media and business over the past four years to elevate conversations with emerging leaders. The NMC represents nearly every state, Washington, DC, and Guam, and has held discussions with executives from more than 130 corporations, governmental agencies, foundations, and nonprofit leaders.

1. Managing Your Career
2. Showcasing High Emotional Intelligence
3. Communication Skills in the Marketplace
4. Would YOU Hire You? Practicing Professionalism
5. Intercultural Aptitude
6. Building Relationships and Teamwork
7. Developing Leadership Skills
8. Digital Readiness for the Working World
9. Critical Thinking and Creative Problem Solving
10. Honing Your Negotiation Skills

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