Management, 4th Canadian Edition

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Management, 4th Canadian Edition

By John Schermerhorn and Barry Wright

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Management, 4th Canadian Edition helps students increase critical thinking, build conceptual understanding, and apply what they learn. Real-life video stories in each section allow for stronger application of the content, ensuring that students understand the relevance to their lives and future careers.

WileyPLUS for Management includes Adaptive Practice to provide insights into the professional business world, enabling collaboration around those topics.

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Adaptive Practice

Adaptive Practice boosts student understanding and absorption of material, all from one convenient location.

Students create a personalized study regime through adaptive learning, ensuring that every student is strengthening their weakest areas. Adaptive questions are built into every Module for easy access.  Additional resources such as the Weekly Management Updates keep the instructors and students informed on the very latest in business news.

Video Cases bring the learning objectives and concepts to life.

Instructors can use CBC videos to create cases that highlight the key concepts of the text with questions that prompt students to focus on those concepts.

Career Center resources prepare students for the world of business.

These short videos provide students with some additional tools needed to get them ready for the professional world.

Video Lecture

Video Lectures

Video lectures provide explanations of key course concepts and use a “storytelling” style to engage the students. These allow the instructors to make the content more personally relevant.

    What’s New

  • Student Engagement-Oriented Features: Included course features are designed to attract student attention and engage them in reflection and critical thinking. These features include Analysis: Make Data Your Friend, Choices: Think Before You Act, Ethics: Know Right from Wrong, Insight: Keep Learning About Yourself, and Wisdom: Learn from Role Models.

John R. Schermerhorn, Jr. is an Emeritus Professor in the College of Business at Ohio University. He earned a Ph.D. in organizational behavior from Northwestern University, an MBA (with distinction) in management and international business from New York University, and a BS in business administration from the State University of New York at Buffalo. Schermerhorn is a popular guest speaker at colleges and universities, and his latest projects include video-enhanced e-textbook development for active learning classroom environments.

Barry Wright is an Associate Professor and past Interim Dean in the Goodman School of Business at Brock University. Prior to this he was the Director of the Niagara Community Observatory where he worked in partnership with the Niagara community to foster, produce, and disseminate evidence-based research on current and emerging issues. Dr. Wright’s research centres primarily on leadership issues and change and its influence on organizational members. An award-winning educator in the classroom, Barry is also comfortable in the boardroom. He has provided a variety of training and research consultations to Canadian businesses and not-for-profit organizations. Barry is an active volunteer in his community. He has served on several community, provincial, and national boards, most recently as board chair of the Niagara Health System.

Chapter 1. Introducing Management

Chapter 2. Management Learning Past to Present

Chapter 3. Ethics and Social Responsibility

Chapter 4. Environment, Innovation, and Sustainability

Chapter 5. Global Management and Cultural Diversity

Chapter 6. Entrepreneurship and New Ventures

Chapter 7. Information and Decision Making

Chapter 8. Planning Processes and Techniques

Chapter 9. Control Processes and Systems

Chapter 10. Strategy and Strategic Management

Chapter 11. Organization Structures and Design

Chapter 12. Organization Culture and Change

Chapter 13. Strategic Human Resource Management

Chapter 14. Leading and Leadership Development

Chapter 15. Individual Behavior

Chapter 16. Motivation Theory and Practice

Chapter 17. Teams and Teamwork

Chapter 18. Communication and Collaboration

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