Organizational Behaviour, First Canadian Edition

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Organizational Behaviour, First Canadian Edition

By Mitchell J. Neubert, Bruno Dyck, Mary Waller, Thomas Medcof

Organizational Behaviour empowers students to look at OB through two lenses: the traditional, core concepts that focus on how to make a company profitable and the sustainable, collaborative, creative, and the ethical decision making lens that students and many employers of today are looking for in business.

WileyPLUS Learning Space for Organizational Behaviour includes ORION Adaptive Practice that helps students build their proficiency on topics and use their study time most effectively.

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WileyPLUS Learning Space helps you facilitate engagement.

The Collaborative eTextbook allows students to become more active learners as they have the ability to customize content, highlight, and create discussions.

Take a dual approach to presenting concepts and topics.

This dual approach provides a more holistic understanding of organizations and their place in the world, giving students a chance to improve critical thinking skills as they compare and contrast concepts and learn how to integrate complementary views. The Chapter Navigator shown here begins each chapter and gives students a quick preview of what’s ahead.

Videos highlight and reinforce key OB concepts.

The CBC Video series presents key concepts from the text in an engaging way by connecting topics to real-life business situations. These videos serve to explore the reasoning for sustainable OB practices to help students become more aware of how values and ethics influence business decisions.

    What’s New

    Real-Life Examples
  • Found throughout the text in OB in Action boxes and My OB, these true-to-life examples get students thinking about their experiences and inspire them to make a difference in the world.
  • Course Stream
  • Students can share ideas and create discussions with their peers and instructor in the Course Stream within WileyPLUS Learning Space.

Chapter 1 Putting People First
Chapter 2 Exploring The Landscape Of OB
Chapter 3 Understanding Individual Attributes
Chapter 4 Considering Individual States
Chapter 5 Motivating Individuals
Chapter 6 Making Decisions
Chapter 7 Leading Self
Chapter 8 Understanding Relationships
Chapter 9 Leading Others
Chapter 10 Groups And Teams
Chapter 11 Communicating With Purpose
Chapter 12 Understanding Organizational Culture And Structure
Chapter 13 Developing Organizational Culture And Structures
Chapter 14 Motivating With Systems
Chapter 15 Leading Organizational Change
Chapter 16 Creating Organizations

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