Strategic Management, 2nd Edition

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Strategic Management, 2nd Edition

By Jeff Dyer, Paul Godfrey, Robert Jensen, and David Bryce

Strategic Management provides an insightful, clear, concise coverage of strategy concepts and links these concepts to the skills and knowledge students need to be successful in the professional world. The authors act as consultants for the classroom and have developed a product that sparks strategic thinking and analysis, fuels creativity and discussion, and capitalizes on some of the most innovative learning technologies stimulating student activity.

WileyPLUS for Strategic Management gives you and your students insight into the professional business world and enables collaboration around those topics.

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Videos connect concepts to the real world.

The authors created Executive Summary Animations to provide a comprehensive, engaging, visually dynamic overview of each chapter. These animations focus on each chapter’s key concepts and takeaways, covering ideas in a fun and memorable way.

Case studies drive home relevant topics and concepts.

All cases are written by the authors and are supplemented by additional cases available only within WileyPLUS. Companies like Amazon, Skype, CVS, and ESPN are featured in additional, in-depth cases with teaching notes also written by the authors.

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JEFF DYER (PhD, UCLA, 1993) is the Horace Beesley Professor of Strategy at the Marriott School, BYU where he serves as Chair of the Department of Organizational Leadership and Strategy. Before joining BYU, Dyer was a professor at the University of Pennsylvania’s Wharton School where he maintains an adjunct professor position and continues to teach executive MBAs. Dyer’s has considerable consulting experience, having spent 5 years working as a strategy consultant and manager at Bain & Company, where he consulted with such clients as Baxter International, Kraft, Maryland National Bank, and First National Stores. Since then he has been a consultant, speaker, or trainer for a variety of companies, including Adobe, AT&T, Cisco, General Electric, General Mills, Gilead Sciences, Harley-Davidson, Hewlett Packard, Intel, Johnson & Johnson, and Sony. Dyer is the only strategy scholar in the world to have published at least five times in the Harvard Business Review and five times in Strategic Management Journal, the top academic journal in the strategy field. In 2012, he was ranked the world’s #1 “most influential” management scholar among scholars who completed their PhDs after 1990. This ranking, published in Academy of Management Perspectives, was based upon an equal weighting of academic citations (academic influence) and non-“.edu” Google searches (business influence). His recent book, The Innovator’s DNA, is a business bestseller and has been published in 13 languages, and his new book, The Innovator’s Method, has already hit top 10 business bestseller lists.

PAUL C. GODFREY (PhD, Washington, 1994) currently serves as the William and Roceil Low Professor of Business Strategy in the Marriott School of Management at Brigham Young University. Godfrey teaches classes to BYU undergraduates, as well as MBA and Executive MBA students, and he was honored in 2013 with the Marriott School’s Teaching Award. His research has appeared in the Academy of Management Review, the Strategic Management Journal, the Journal of Business Ethics, and the Journal of Management Inquiry. He has recently published a book on eliminating poverty with Stanford University Press. He has also co-edited two other books and served as a special issue editor for two academic journals. He currently serves as Associate Academic Director of the Economic Self-Reliance Center at the Marriott School, and he has been working with Habitat for Humanity of Utah County for the past 18 months in refining their strategic plan. Godfrey received his MBA and PhD degrees from the University of Washington and a Bachelor of Science degree in Political Science from the University of Utah.

ROBERT J. JENSEN (PhD, Wharton, 2006) serves as the Whitman Faculty and Peery Research Fellow Associate Professor of Strategy and International Business at the Marriott School, BYU. Jensen teaches undergraduate classes in strategy and global strategy and master’s degree classes in strategy. He has published in many of the top management journals, including Strategic Management JournalOrganization ScienceManagement Science, and the Journal of International Business Studies (where he currently serves on the editorial review board). His professional awards include the McKinsey & Company/ SMS Best Conference Paper prize (honorable mention), finalist for both the Blackwell Best Dissertation Prize from the Academy of Management, the William H. Newman Best Paper from a Dissertation award, and runner up for the Booz Allen Hamilton/SMS PhD fellowship. His work was honored as the best paper published in Competitiveness Review in 2009, and his papers have been selected seven times for the best paper proceedings of the Academy of Management.

DAVID J. BRYCE (PhD, Wharton, 2003) is associate professor of organizational leadership and strategy at the Marriott School of Management and has been an adjunct associate professor of management at the Wharton School where he has taught strategy in the MBA program for executives. Bryce earned a PhD in strategy and applied economics, and his articles have appeared in the Harvard Business Review. He conducts research in the area of corporate strategy and has published in top academic journals such as Management Science and Organization Science. For more than 20 years, Bryce has served as consultant on important strategic challenges to executives of start-ups, mid-market companies, and major corporations, including Eli Lilly, Prudential, Procter & Gamble, Microsoft, Johnson & Johnson, and the LG Group. He has worked with clients on enterprise strategy, new market entry, branding, pricing, positioning, and growth. He has also conducted many strategy-oriented leadership training sessions over the past 10 years within the Fortune 50, including extensively at Microsoft. Prior to his academic career, he held partner, vice president, and other senior positions at several global management consulting firms.

Section I. Overview

Chapter 1: What is Strategy?

Section II: External Environment

Chapter 2: External Environment Analysis: Opportunities and Threats

Section III: The Nature of Business Unit Competitive Advantage

Chapter 3: Internal Analysis: Finding a Firm’s Resources and Capabilities

Chapter 4: Cost Advantage

Chapter 5: Differentiation Advantage

Section IV: Corporate Level Strategies

Chapter 6: Corporate Strategy

Chapter 7: Vertical Integration and Outsourcing

Chapter 8: Strategic Alliances (Cooperative Strategies)

Chapter 9: International Strategies

Section V: Strategy in Dynamic Environments

Chapter 10: Innovative Strategies and Business Models

Chapter 11: Competitor Interaction

Section VI: Making and Implementing Strategy

Chapter 12: Strategy Implementation

Chapter 13: Corporate Governance and Ethics

Chapter 14: Strategy and Social Value Organizations


CASE 01: Walmart Stores: Gaining and Sustaining a Competitive Advantage

CASE 02: Coca-Cola and Pepsi: The Shifting Landscape of the Carbonated Soft Drink Industry

CASE 03: ESPN in 2015: Continued Dominance in Sports Television?

CASE 04 Southwest Airlines: Flying High with Low Costs

CASE 05: Harley-Davidson: Growth Challenges Ahead

CASE 06: CVS in 2015: From Neighborhood Pharmacy Provider to Health Care Company

CASE 07: Nike: Sourcing and Strategy in Athletic Footwear

CASE 08: AT&T and Apple: A Strategic Alliance

CASE 09: Samsung: Overtaking Philips, Panasonic, and Sony as the Leader in the Consumer Electronics Industry

CASE 10: Tesla Motors: Disrupting the Auto Industry?

CASE 11: Smartphone Wars

CASE 12: Lincoln Electric: Aligning for Global Growth

CASE 13: ICARUS Revisited: The Rise and Fall of Valeant Pharmaceuticals

CASE 14: Tabitha’s Way Local Food Pantry: Entrepreneurship in Feeding the Hungry

CASE 15: Corporate Governance and Ethics: A Series of Decisions

CASE 16: Netflix, Redbox and Hulu: Offering New Business Models in Home Video Entertainment

CASE 17: Uber Technologies Inc.

CASE 18: Safe Water Network: Mastering the Model at Dzemeni

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