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By Daniel G. Bachrach and John R. Schermerhorn, Jr.

Developed for the Principles of Management course, this digital-first program is focused on aiding critical thinking, conceptual understanding, and application of knowledge. Real-life video stories in each section allow for stronger application of the content, ensuring that students understand the relevance to their lives and future careers.

WileyPLUS for Management gives you and your students insights into the professional business world and enables collaboration around those topics.

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Hear from our Authors

Interactive Openers help to enhance comprehension.

Opening each chapter and section of the textbook, these high-quality videos feature the authors as they coach students through various topics using memorable examples and study tips. Videos interact with graphics and text to enhance the learning experience for students as they consume multiple media while viewing the videos.

Students have the opportunity to work at their own pace.

The Embedded Video Player enables both students and instructors to work through the video content at their own pace. Students can play the material at their own speed, stopping the video delivery to study graphics and media more closely, and then resuming the lesson when they’re ready. Instructors can access an editing tool that allows them to customize their course by adding additional questions, comments, and even more video.

Career resources prepare students for the world of business.

WileyPLUS users get access to Inside Track, a career coaching system, and CareerShift, a leading job search tool.

Part 1: Management
Chapter 1: Introducing Management
Chapter 2: Management Learning: Past to Present
Chapter 3: Ethics and Social Responsibility

Part 2: Environment
Chapter 4: Environment, Innovation, and Sustainability
Chapter 5: Global Management and Cultural Diversity
Chapter 6: Entrepreneurship and New Ventures

Part 3: Planning and Controlling
Chapter 7: Information and Decision Making
Chapter 8: Planning Processes and Techniques
Chapter 9: Control Processes and Systems
Chapter 10: Strategy and Strategic Management

Part 4: Organizing
Chapter 11: Organization Structures and Design
Chapter 12: Organization Culture and Change
Chapter 13: Human Resource Management

Part 5: Leading
Chapter 14: Leading and Leadership Development
Chapter 15: Individual Behavior
Chapter 16: Motivation Theory and P

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The Team for Success authors are dedicated to ensuring that all of their Accounting titles are accessible to students, current, accurate, and have a consistent voice and pedagogy from introductory accounting to the intermediate level. Millions of students worldwide have learned from their exceptional resources—and now students are getting real results using ORION Adaptive Practice available in WileyPLUS for Accounting.