Legacy WileyPLUS retires on July 31, 2021.

Legacy WileyPLUS

retires on July 31, 2021.

Wiley is committed to delivering a platform that is modern, flexible, reliable, and evolves to meet the needs of instructors and students.

Beginning July 31st, all WileyPLUS users will be on one platform: New WileyPLUS.

Additional details about the retirement of Legacy WileyPLUS can be found here.

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Tech Support

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Connect with a Customer Success Manager for onboarding, training, and course setup.

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For instructors with active classes on the Legacy platform, here are some reminders to help you close out your Legacy WileyPLUS course:

  • Share your status: Please let us know your Legacy WileyPLUS access needs here.
  • Gain access to new WileyPLUS: If you do not have access to your new WileyPLUS course, completing this status form will start the move.
  • Export course data: So that you have access to student records beyond the 7/31 retirement date, we highly recommend exporting recent gradebook data and class rosters in Legacy WileyPLUS.
  • Finish Legacy WileyPLUS class sections: Once you have moved over to New WileyPLUS, we encourage you to finish Legacy WileyPLUS class sections to avoid further Legacy WileyPLUS reminders from our team. Any Legacy WileyPLUS sections that are not finished by July 31, 2021, will be automatically closed on that date.

Teaching this summer?

We encourage summer courses to begin in new WileyPLUS if possible. If you intend to use Legacy WileyPLUS in your summer courses (with the understanding that course access will be disabled for you and your students on July 31, 2021), please know that June 15 was the last day to create a new course (class section) in Legacy WileyPLUS.

Reach out to your Wiley team if you have questions or need assistance with the transition to New WileyPLUS. Need technical support? Search by topic for answers to Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) or live chat with a technician on the WileyPLUS support Site.