Human Geography in Action, 6th Edition

Human Geography in Action, 6th Edition Book Cover

Human Geography in Action, 6th Edition

By Michael Kuby, John Harner, Patricia Gober

Human Geography in Action, 6th Edition is a data-driven, hands-on program that empowers students to learn geography by actually doing geography. Organized around a set of case studies and investigative activities inspired by real-world issues, Human Geography in Action is the only program that provides students with a tangible learning experience that employs the problem-solving, analytical and spatial skills central to modern geography.

The text, its data sets and hands-on activities are powered by WileyPLUS, a research-based, online environment that enables the instructor to assign activities, which are then automatically graded online for students.

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Fourteen stimulating chapters

Fourteen stimulating chapters challenge students to collect, manipulate, display and interpret geographic information and data.

Focusing on essential concepts

Focusing on essential concepts, each chapter highlights the 5 to 10 most important ideas, while still including useful yet brief background material.

Designed with flexibility in mind

Designed with flexibility in mind, each chapter is freestanding while built around a cohesive instructional program.

Michael Kuby is the author of Human Geography in Action, 6th Edition, published by Wiley.

John Harner is the author of Human Geography in Action, 6th Edition, published by Wiley.

Chapter 1: True Maps, False Impressions: Making, Manipulating, and Interpreting Maps
Chapter 2: Layers of Tradition: Culture Regions at Different Scales
Chapter 3: Tracking the AIDS Epidemic in the United States: Diffusion through Space and Time
Chapter 4: Newton’s First Law of Migration: The Gravity Model
Chapter 5: One Billion and Counting: The Hidden Momentum of Population
Chapter 6: Help Wanted: The Changing Geography of Jobs
Chapter 7: Rags and Riches: The Dimensions of Development
Chapter 8: Food for Thought: The Globalization of Agriculture
Chapter 9: Take Me Out to the Ball Game: Market Areas and the Urban Hierarchy
Chapter 10: Reading the Urban Landscape: Census Data and Field Observation
Chapter 11: The Disappearing Front Range: Urban Sprawl in Colorado
Chapter 12: Do Orange and Green Clash?: Residential Segregation in Northern Ireland
Chapter 13: Breaking Up Is Hard to Do: Nations, States, and Nation-States
Chapter 14: Preserving the Planet: Human Impact on Environmental Systems

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