Human Geography: People, Place, and Culture, 11th Edition

Human Geography: People, Place, and Culture, 11th Edition Book Cover

Human Geography: People, Place, and Culture, 11th Edition

By Erin H. Fouberg, Alexander B. Murphy, Harm J. de Blij

Research shows that learning improves when students think or talk about new concepts. WileyPLUS Learning Space for Human Geography gives students the tools and confidence to collaborate with each other and participate more in class.

Human Geography, 11th Edition helps students discover the connectedness of people and places across the globe and how people create and influence cultures and make places. The authors provide geographic context to global, regional, national and local issues and model how to think geographically and critically. Foundational concepts in cultural geography are explained and integrated with current research and case studies.

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Students interact with ArcGIS Online Maps

Each data column in the demographic table is mapped in ArcGIS Online. Instructors and students can open the maps in ArcGIS Online and interact with them. Users can change symbols, basemaps, and classes, and can add layers, analyze correlations, and study change over time.

Relevant questions and real-life examples increase class participation

Instructors can use the Thinking Geographically questions at the end of each section to encourage lively class discussions in the Course Stream. Thinking Geographically questions ask students to find local examples of course content and apply geographic concepts to explain and predict.

Engaging questions and self-tests help monitor student progress

Clicker questions for each chapter highlight geographic concepts, case studies and important maps to test student learning in a low-stakes, highly interactive environment. Students can use self-tests to track their understanding of course content.

Chapter 1 Introduction to Human Geography
Chapter 2 Population
Chapter 3 Migration
Chapter 4 Local Culture, Popular Culture, and Cultural Landscapes
Chapter 5 Identity: Race, Ethnicity, Gender and Sexuality
Chapter 6 Language
Chapter 7 Religion
Chapter 8 Political Geography
Chapter 9 Urban Geography
Chapter 10 Development
Chapter 11 Agriculture
Chapter 12 Industry and Services
Chapter 13 The Humanized Environment
Chapter 14 Globalization and the Geography of Networks

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