Request to Extend Access Terms & Conditions

Terms and Conditions

  1. Students can request extended access if they withdraw or need to re-take the affected course. We will not discriminate access extension requests between elective withdrawals or course failure.
  2. Students must be taking the course at the same institution using the same title. Note that students can re-take the course with a different professor at that institution.
  3. If the WileyPLUS product has moved to a new edition (e.g., Kimmel 7e to 8e), the student can receive access to the new WileyPLUS product.
  4. Extended access will be provided on a term-by-term (5 months) Students who require longer-term access (e.g., 12 months, 18 months) must complete a form for each 5 month period for which an extension if requested.
  5. The form must be completed in full; it cannot be submitted unless all required fields are complete.
  6. The student must attest that the information provided in the form is correct and true.
  7. “Extended Access Program” only applies to WileyPLUS course access; students will not be able to receive free access to the perpetual eBook, print rentals, or any other supplementary options or products.
  8. Wiley reserves the right to confirm that an extension request is valid with the instructor associated with the student’s original course or other contacts at student’s educational institution.