Visualizing Earth Science, 1st Edition

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Visualizing Earth Science, 1st Edition

By Zeeya Merali, Brian J. Skinner

Visualizing Earth Science relies heavily on the integration of rich visuals to expand on concepts for students and solidify their understanding. Authors Zeeya Merali and Brian Skinner focus on visual learning, weaving illustrated timelines throughout to exemplify how concepts fit togeather and develop over time. Students will quickly learn difficult concepts with their innovative, highly visual approach.

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Enhanced visual learning

Wiley Visualizing wraps clear, concise text around well-designed photography, illustrations, diagrams and charts. This visual approach helps students learn more effectively, link text and visuals to what is familiar, and presents complex information in a more efficient manner.

Video supplements

A collection of videos, many from the award-winning National Geographic Film Collection accompany Visualizing Earth Science. Each video clip illustrates a specific concept or topic and accompanied by commentary and questions that further develop student understanding. Icons in the text indicate when a video clip is available.

Improve student learning with graphically-enhanced textbooks

During the fall semester of 2009, SEG Research conducted a national multi-site study of students enrolled in entry-level college courses. The study was designed to evaluate the effectiveness of Wiley Visualizing, a graphically-enhanced textbook series, covering a range of subject areas, designed to better engage students and improve student learning. Wiley Visualizing makes extensive use of graphical content to enhance the student learning experience.

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Chapter 1: Introduction to Earth Sciences
Chapter 2: Minerals Earths Building Blocks
Chapter 3: Rocks: Keepers of Earth’s History
Chapter 4: Weathering, Soils and Mass Wasting
Chapter 5: Water On and Under the Ground
Chapter 6: Extreme Climatic Regions: Deserts, Glaciers and Ice Sheets
Chapter 7: Plate Techtonics: Sculptor of Earth’s Ever-Changing Landscape
Chapter 8: Earthquakes and Earth’s Interior
Chapter 9: Volcanism and Other Igneous Processes
Chapter 10: How Old is Old? The Rock Record and Deep Time
Chapter 11: A Brief History of Life on Earth
Chapter 12: Where Ocean Meets Land
Chapter 14: The Atmosphere: Composition Structure and Clouds
Chapter 15: Global Circulation and Weather Systems
Chapter 16: Global Climates Past and Present
Chapter 17: Earth’s Place in Space