Fundamentals of Engineering Economic Analysis

Book Cover

Fundamentals of Engineering Economic Analysis

By John A. White, Kellie S. Grasman, Kenneth E. Case, Kim LaScola Needy, David B. Pratt

Fundamentals of Engineering Economic Analysis provides streamlined topical coverage with a modern and pedagogically-rich presentation. This course features a wealth of real-world vignettes to reinforce how students will use economics in their future careers as well as to drive student motivation and interest. An enlightening approach combined with strong digital offerings make the course manageable, equipping students with the knowledge they need as future engineers.

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Excel Tools

Excel spreadsheets are provided as a problem-solving tool. Spreadsheet examples are abundant and displayed as actual screenshots, which makes it easier to visually and cognitively follow along. Excel Utilities and Excel Data Files are also provided as resources.

Guided Online (GO) Multipart Problems & GO Tutorials

GO Multipart Problems break the problem-solving process down into multiple parts, which must be completed in order to move forward. GO Tutorial Problems include links to a tutorial as a form of question assistance; instructors have the option of providing students access to the tutorial while working on the problem as part of a homework assignment.

Video Lessons & Worked Problem Videos

Video Lessons tackle key concepts from the text and are narrated by author Kellie Grasman. Worked Problem Videos walk students through a specific example from the text via virtual whiteboard a voiceover.

Kim LaScola Needy is the head of the industrial engineering department and Twenty-First Century Professor in Engineering at the University of Arkansas. After receiving her bachelor’s degree from the University of Pittsburgh, Dr. Needy worked in the field of information technology at PPG Industries and Boeing, earning a master’s degree from the University of Pittsburgh and then a Ph.D. from Wichita State.

Dr. Needy’s research interests include engineering management, sustainability and supply chain optimization.?Her research has led to 95 refereed publications and recognition by societies such as the Institute of Industrial Engineers, which has named her a Fellow.

Kellie Grasman is a Lecturer at Missouri University of Science and Technology. She reieved her MS, ME, and MBA at the University of Michigan Missouri Science and Technology.

Chapter 1. An Overview of Engineering Economic Analysis
Chapter 2. Time Value of Money Calculations
Chapter 3. Equivalence, Loans, and Bonds
Chapter 4. Present Worth
Chapter 5. Annual Worth and Future Worth
Chapter 6. Rate of Return
Chapter 7. Replacement Analysis
Chapter 8. Depreciation
Chapter 9. Income Taxes
Chapter 10. Inflation
Chapter 11. Break-Even, Sensitivity, and Risk Analysis
Chapter 12. Capital Budgeting

A. Interest Factors
B. Obtaining and Estimating Cash Flows

FE-Like Problems
Answers to Selected Even Numbered Problems