Data Security Compliance

Data Security Compliance

checkmark iconWileyPLUS is 1.0 LTI Certified

WileyPLUS Security

Since 2007, over four million students have used WileyPLUS in one of more than 234,000 class sections. WileyPLUS has proven to be a resilient application with provisions for recoverability, adaptability, andscalability. This translates to exceptional reliability and availability. For each semester since Fall 2005, WileyPLUS has a 99.5% or better availability. In addition to tracking percentage uptime, Wiley tracks consecutive days without outage – WileyPLUS has run as long as 206 days without unplanned interruption.

How is this Achieved?

  • Web server, application server, and database architecture: WileyPLUS is a tiered application. Key data, metadata, and transactions are managed and updated through an effective mix of database and caching technologies.
  • Optimized Division of Labor: Each component has a specialty, and can be optimized to continuously and independently alter and improve its performance.
  • Each major component of the system can be separately “tuned”: Additional resources can be given to the specific areas that need them when they need them.
  • Monitoring: Each component has its own monitoring and diagnostic tools.