Professional Food Manager, 5th Edition

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By National Environmental Health Association (NEHA)

Professional Food Manager, 5th Edition

The NEHA-certified Professional Food Manager, 5th Edition is designed to supply culinary and hospitality professionals and students with the knowledge to not only pass the Council of Food Protection/American National Standards (CFP) approved exam, but to ensure the continued successful execution of food safety best practices in the workplace.

WileyPLUS Learning Space for Professional Food Manager transforms any course into a vibrant, collaborative learning community. Self-scoring concept checks, test item questions, video resources, and collaborative features in WileyPLUS Learning Space help to engage students and enhance the learning experience.

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Engaging videos cover concepts and bring learning to life.

Videos throughout the program support the chapter readings and provide students with real-life context for each key concept.

Concepts are continually reinforced at the point of learning.

Concept Check questions for each learning objective test students’ understanding of key concepts presented in the chapters and help them prepare for certification exams.

    What’s New

  • Chapter Revision: To reflect the 2015 FDA Supplement to the 2013 Food Code and domain areas of the certification exam
  • Chapter Openers: Help to structure assignments and set learning goals by listing learning objectives and providing context as to how the content relates to a foodservice environment
  • Key Terms: Highlighted in the text and reemphasized in the end-of-chapter list of key terms, and assembled in the glossary for reference and review
  • New Photo Program: Updated diagrams, tables, and charts that provide focal points for discussion and enliven the text
  • Discussion Questions: Help to facilitate discussion in the classroom or restaurant environment and explore key topics covered in the text, while collaborative features in WileyPLUS Learning Space allow for online discussion

NATIONAL ENVIRONMENTAL HEALTH ASSOCIATION (NEHA) is an educational and professional organization that represents and supports professionals in the field of environmental health and food safety. For decades, NEHA has worked closely with health departments in every state to offer the most up-to-date food-safety information and to keep abreast of food-safety trends.

Chapter 1: Introduction to Food Safety
Chapter 2: Foodborne Illness
Chapter 3: Contamination
Chapter 4: Pest Control
Chapter 5: Employee Training
Chapter 6: Facilities and Equipment
Chapter 7: Purchasing and Storing Food
Chapter 8: Safe Food Handling
Chapter 9: The HACCP Approach to Food Safety
Chapter 10: Food Safety Standards

NEHA offers food safety certification through Prometric, Inc.

Prometric’s ANSI-CFP accredited certification exam is accepted throughout the United States. Instructors adopting Professional Food Manager, 5th Edition can easily become NEHA/Prometric exam proctors.

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