Chemistry, Third Canadian Edition

Book Cover

Chemistry, Third Canadian Edition

By John A. Olmsted, Gregory M. Williams, Robert C. Burk

WileyPLUS with ORION for Chemistry, Third Canadian Edition gives you and your student’s clear visibility into areas of strengths and weaknesses so that you can use this information to build a learning path to success together.

Chemistry is an introductory general chemistry text designed specifically with Canadian professors and students in mind.

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Hear from our Authors

Content accurately reflects the curriculum of most Canadian institutions

Designed to engage readers, a reorganized Table of Contents and the inclusion of SI units, IUPAC standards, and Canadian content sets this program apart from many of the current text offerings.

ORION helps you identify the real-time proficiency of each studentv

With ORION Adaptive Practice, students can interact with each other, and you can measure students’ engagement and proficiency throughout the course. The more students participate, the more they gain visible proof that their participation leads to progress.

A wealth of questions help increase student comprehension

Along with over 74,000 text-specific questions, there are also 2 to 3 answer-specific feedback questions per chapter written by the program’s Canadian author.

    What’s New

  • The introductory material has been reduced from four chapters into one succinct introductory chapter. The early material, often considered to be ‘assumed’ knowledge of high school chemistry, has been moved online for easy student review.
  • Inclusion of two chapters of organic chemistry and organic examples included throughout the text
  • Exclusive use of SI units and constants standardized to IUPAC standards
  • Examples provided throughout the text of Canadian successes in the laboratory that have resulted in significant scientific advancement
  • Visual summaries at the end of each chapter visually map out for students the most important elements from the chapter, showing key concepts and skills to master
  • 2-3 higher level integrated problems per chapter

Chapter 1 Fundamental Concepts of Chemistry
Chapter 2 The Behaviour of Gases
Chapter 3 Energy and Its Conservation
Chapter 4 Atoms and Light
Chapter 5 Atomic Energies and Periodicity
Chapter 6 Fundamentals of Chemical Bonding
Chapter 7 Theories of Chemical Bonding
Chapter 8 Effects of Intermolecular Forces
Chapter 9 Properties of Solutions
Chapter 10 Organic Chemistry—Structure
Chapter 11 Organic Chemistry—Reactions
Chapter 12 Spontaneity of Chemical Processes
Chapter 13 Kinetics: Mechanisms and Rates of Reactions
Chapter 14 Principles of Chemical Equilibrium
Chapter 15 Aqueous Acid-Base Equilibria
Chapter 16 Applications of Aqueous Equilibria
Chapter 17 Electron Transfer Reactions
Chapter 18 Macromolecules
Chapter 19 The Transition Metals
Chapter 20 The Main Group Elements
Chapter 21 Nuclear Chemistry and Radiochemistry

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