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Real World Psychology, 2nd Edition LS New!
Catherine A. Sanderson, Karen Huffman
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With a combined total of 49 years teaching introductory psychology, authors Karen Huffman and Catherine A. Sanderson provide the latest up-to-date coverage and real world applications to core concepts in the teaching of psychology. Designed for introductory psychology courses, Real World Psychology is above all a brief book that works within the time constraints of today's instructors and students. This first edition text allows readers to grasp the "big picture" in psychology without an abundance of supplementary details. Huffman and Sanderson tie each key concept to real-world, in-text examples that offer an incomparable window into not only ourselves, but also into the world and the people who sustain WileyPLUS is an interactive online teaching and learning environment allowing students to achieve mastery in a rich structured environment that's available 24/7. 

WileyPLUS empowers students to take advantage of their individual strengths and study skills, students can;

  • Integrate multi-media resources to provide multiple study-paths so students can customize to fit their learning style.
  • View tutorials & simulations, watch video clips relating to specific topics and concepts, practice thinking critically, and more.
  • Access the complete digital version of the textbook

WileyPLUS empowers instructors with the tools and resources needed to make teaching even more effective, instructors can:

  • Personalize and manage assignments, track grading, and more
  • Assign quiz questions to ensure students are reading materials either before or after class
  • Assign videos and simulations to reinforce students understanding of psychology concepts and theories

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