WileyPLUS course:
Trigonometry, 3rd Edition
Cynthia Y. Young
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Read, Study, Practice

  • A complete online version of the textbook (ebook)
  • Student Solutions Manual
  • Digital Video Series — 82 video clips of the author working through selected problems
  • Audio Clips—Links to audio files are placed throughout the ebook to help audio learners understand mathematical expressions and concepts.


  • A "Link-to-text" feature that allows students to access specific portions of their online text for immediate, contextual help as they are working
  • Approximately 500 NEW End-of-Section and End-of-Chapter homework questions, nearly 100% algorithmic
  • Approximately 800  End of Section questions from the first edition
  • 200 NEW GO™ Tutorial Problems-Tutorial-like assignment questions that offer an advanced, interactive learning sequence for students to help them master key concepts from the text. 20 per chapter
  • Video Quizzes - 82 video clips: 5 questions per clip (approx. 410 video quiz question total)
  • Proficiency Exams - 1 per chapter
  • Student Web Quizzes - 1 per chapter

Prepare & Present

  • PowerPoint™ Lecture Notes to summarize chapter content. Includes new video clips.
  • Instructor's Solutions Manual plus 12 video teaching tips.
  • Printed Test Bank
  • Link to Diploma Computerized Test Bank
  • This title contains WileyPLUS/Quickstart assignments for the entire course created by a subject expert
  • Appendix covering algebraic prerequisites and review

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Cynthia Y. Young