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WileyPLUS Learning Space Course for Marketing Research, 10th Edition LS
Carl McDaniel, Jr., Roger Gates
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  • Topics Covered

Chapter 1 The Role of Marketing Research in Management Decision Making

Chapter 2 The Marketing Research Industry and Research Ethics

Chapter 3 Problem Definition, Exploratory Research, and the Research Process

Chapter 4 Secondary Data and Databases

Chapter 5 Qualitative Research

Chapter 6 Traditional Survey Research

Chapter 7 Online Marketing Research

Chapter 8 Primary Data Collection: Observation

Chapter 9 Primary Data Collection: Experimentation and Test Markets

Chapter 10 The Concept of Measurement

Chapter 11 Using Measurement Scales to Build Marketing Effectiveness

Chapter 12 Questionnaire Design

Chapter 13 Basic Sampling Issues

Chapter 14 Sample Size Determination

Chapter 15 Data Processing and Fundamental Data Analysis

Chapter 16 Statistical Testing Of Differences and Relationships

Chapter 17 Bivariate Correlation and Regression

Chapter 18 Multivariate Data Analysis

Chapter 19 Communicating the Research Results

Chapter 20 Managing Marketing Research

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