WileyPLUS course:
Calculus, Single Variable, Preliminary Edition
Carl V. Lutzer, H. T. Goodwill
  • Complete online version of the textbook included
  • Relevant, student study tools and learning resources to ensure positive learning outcomes, including:
    • Algebra and Trigonometry Refreshers
    • Student Solutions Manual
    • Additional Applets
  • Immediate feedback to boost confidence and help students see a return on investment for each study session:
    • 1200 algorithmic End-of-Section and End-of-Chapter homework questions
    • 100 GO tutorial problems
  • Content organized by Learning Objectives
  • Pre-created activities to encourage learning outside of the classroom, including:
    • Gradable Reading Assignment Questions (embedded with online text)
    • Question Assignments: all end-of-chapter problems coded algorithmically with hints, links to text, whiteboard/show work feature and instructor-controlled problem solving help.
  • Course Materials to help you personalize lessons and optimize your time, including:
    • Lecture Note PowerPoint Presentations with Clicker Questions
    • Instructor's Solutions Manual
    • Printed Test Bank
    • Computerized Test Bank

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Carl V. Lutzer, H. T. Goodwill