WileyPLUS course:
Calculus, Single Variable, Preliminary Edition
Carl V. Lutzer, H. T. Goodwill

WileyPLUS for Lutzer, Calculus, 1e provides high-quality problems sets, study aides, and algebra and trigonometry refreshers to help students be successful in this calculus.  These problem sets offer immediate and meaningful feedback to students, along with varying levels of question assistance. 

WileyPLUS also offers the support instructors need to efficiently and effectively manage their classroom and improve student performance. 

Do your students need reinforcement of classroom material to help solidify concepts?

  • Over 1200 algorithmic end-of-section and end-of chapter homework questions give students immediate feedback on essentially endless practice. Additionally, students have access to 100 Guided Online (GO) Tutorial problems that walk students through the problem step by step.

Do your students need help visualizing and exploring concepts? Students have different learning styles and many need to see or do to help them understand.  

  • WileyPLUS for Lutzer provides applets which enable students to explore and discover various concepts.  By varying parameters and observing the resulting changes, students better understand the behavior of equations and concepts.  

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Carl V. Lutzer, H. T. Goodwill