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Visualizing Microbiology NEW!
Rodney P. Anderson, Linda Young
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WileyPLUS is an interactive online teaching and learning environment that engages engineering students with course material beyond the classroom. Automatically graded problems, many with algorithmically generated values, enable students to practice and master the topics and concepts. In addition, relevant and timely learning resources provide students with the tools they need to better understand key concepts and succeed in the course and in their careers.

  • Easy assignment of homework and quizzes

  • Unlimited practice with algorithmically generated problems

  • Secure solutions

  • Automatic grading of homework problems

  • Whiteboard (show work) feature allows instructors to see how students worked through a problem

  • Grade tracking and management

  • Instant feedback on work

WileyPLUS is your complete solution for online teaching and learning, including an entire digital textbook and remediation to help students get help in and out of the classroom.  The best part is, instructors don't have to do a thing!  With the click of a mouse, pre-created assignments are ready and available for students to get essentially endless practice.

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Rodney P. Anderson, Linda Young