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WileyPLUS Learning Space Course for Essentials of Ecology, 4th Edition LS
Michael Begon, Robert W. Howarth, Colin R. Townsend
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Part I Introduction

1 Ecology and how to do it

2 Ecology’s evolutionary backdrop

Part II Conditions and Resources

3 Physical conditions and the availability of resources

4 Climate and the world’s biomes

Part III Individuals and Populations, Communities and Ecosystems

5 Birth, death and movement

6 Interspecific competition

7 Predation, grazing and disease

8 Molecular and evolutionary ecology

Part IV Communities and Ecosystems

9 From populations to communities

10 Patterns in species richness

11 The flux of energy and matter through ecosystems

Part V Applied Issues in Ecology

12 Global biogeochemical cycles and their alteration by humans

13 Conservation ecology

14 The ecology of human population growth, disease, and food supply

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Michael Begon, Robert W. Howarth, Colin R. Townsend