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By Louis E. Boone and David L. Kurtz

A fully digital program, the First Edition of Business leverages WileyPLUS Learning Space to create a vibrant, collaborative learning community where you can instantly gauge if students are completing the assigned work and interacting with the assigned coursework as well as each other. An optional, small print component is available, but the primary interaction happens with key content and videos within the WileyPLUS Learning Space course.

WileyPLUS Learning Space for Business includes ORION Adaptive Practice that helps students build their proficiency on topics and use their study time most effectively.

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High-quality videos enhance the learning experience.

Featuring professors and entrepreneurs, Interactive Openers bring concepts to life through video and other interactive media while delivering personal, real-life experiences. The videos open each chapter and section, coaching students through various topics using memorable examples and study tips.

Students get a chance to learn concepts at their own pace.

The embedded video player lets students play the material at their own speed, stop the video delivery to study graphics and media more closely, and then resume the lesson when they’re ready. Instructors can access an editing tool that allows them to customize the course by adding additional questions, comments, and even more video.

Robust resources enhance the teaching and learning experience.

Students and instructors have access to timely resources that aid in the learning experience as well as course creation. The CareerShift resource shown here is a leading online job search tool for students.

Chapter 1: The Changing Face of Business
Chapter 2: Business Ethics and Social Responsibility
Chapter 3: Economic Challenges Facing Contemporary Business
Chapter 4: Competing World Markets
Chapter 5: Small Business and Forms of Business Ownership
Chapter 6: Starting Your Own Business
Chapter 7: Management, Leadership, and Internal Organization
Chapter 8: Human Resource Management
Chapter 9: Top Performance through Empowerment, Teamwork, and Communication
Chapter 10: Production and Operations Management
Chapter 11: Customer-Driven Marketing
Chapter 12: Product and Distribution Strategies
Chapter 13: Promotion and Pricing Strategies
Chapter 14: Using Technology to Manage Information
Chapter 15: Understanding Accounting and Financial Statements
Chapter 16: The Financial System
Chapter 17: Financial Management

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The Team for Success authors are dedicated to ensuring that all of their Accounting titles are accessible to students, current, accurate, and have a consistent voice and pedagogy from introductory accounting to the intermediate level. Millions of students worldwide have learned from their exceptional resources—and now students are getting real results using ORION Adaptive Practice available in WileyPLUS for Accounting.