Adaptive Online Learning- The Present and Future of Education

Dr. Bruce McLaren

Carnegie Mellon University

November 2013


The notion of adaptive learning is not new. However, as class sizes increase, and more and more students arrive with different starting points and learn at different paces, the challenge to create an optimal learning experience increases. Instructors may wish that they had a tool that could do some of the work for them, assessing students and offering self-paced instruction based upon what each student needs to learn most. Dr. McLaren explores the power of adaptive technology to continuously assess students and offer self-paced instruction based upon each student’s proficiency. And as sophisticated as this technology is, Dr. McLaren demonstrates that it can still deliver an intuitive, inviting experience for students that not only helps build foundational knowledge and increase student accountability, but also helps advance critical thinking inside and outside the classroom.

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Leveraging Blended Learning for More Effective Course Management and Enhanced Student Outcomes
Evince Market Research & Communications
October 2009

Today's students have adapted to technology, and studies show that effective use of online resources can increase learning outcomes provides students with easy-to-use online resources that stimulate active learning and can optimize the time they spend on their coursework Instructors require a dynamic, yet structured means of addressing varied student needs while managing heavy course loads The WileyPLUS system facilitates instructors' course management activities and delivers a range of flexible tools for easy design and deployment of assignments and tracking of student progress.

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