For Students

Personalize Your Learning Experience:

Different learning styles, different levels of proficiency and preparation – each of you is unique. WileyPLUS empowers you to take advantage of your individual strengths:

  • Receive timely access to resources, including the full text online, and get immediate feedback and remediation when needed.
  • Integrated, multi-media resources-including MP3 downloads, visual exhibits, animations, demonstration problems, simulations, and much more-provide multiple study-opportunities to fit your learning preference and encourages more active learning.
  • WileyPLUS is like having a personal tutor available 24/7-to explain difficult terms and demonstrate problem-solving techniques. You also have many opportunities for self-assessment to help you study smarter.

With WileyPLUS, students engage in active learning and can develop confidence by practicing until they master the material.

Additionally, students have access to:

Student Testimonials:

"It's cost efficient, has more resources than the printed text, and is accessible and easy to use."
– Howard Jeffers III, Community College of Philadelphia

"WileyPLUS is my tutor when I'm not in class. It has helped me understand more of the material and most importantly I can log in at any time of the day."
– Alva Medina, EPCC Valle Verde

"I know I would not know the material like I do if I had not had the help of WileyPLUS."
– Heidi Buchanan, Mayland Community College.