Impact Studies

WileyPLUS with ORION Efficacy Study: An Independent Review

Wiley Learning Solutions commissioned a study to measure the benefits of using their adaptive learning functionality, ORION, a newer component of their teaching and learning system, WileyPLUS. Thirteen instructors agreed to incorporate WileyPLUS with ORION into their Spring 2014 classes and participate in this study. At the end of the semester, each instructor submitted their students' grades, including the output from each system and the final course grade. The instructors are from both community colleges and four-year institutions and span three subject areas: Accounting, Business, and Anatomy & Physiology. The final results show how both instructor engagement and student engagement with the tools affect student outcomes.

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A Look at WileyPLUS/Blackboard Integrated Experience Across a Number of Disciplines

In 2012, Wiley launched a new integrated offering for using its digital content within the industry-leading Blackboard LearnTM Learning Management System (LMS). Designed to meet varying levels of digital usage, this new solution creates a single sign-on user experience within Blackboard Learn. For students, the integration is meant to make their Wiley digital content and assignments both more visible and easily accessible.

What impact does this integration have on student and instructor experience, and how can instructors best leverage the integrated workflow of the WileyPLUS/Blackboard platform?

Wiley analyzed these questions in 2013 with a series of in-depth interviews among instructors who've used the integrated product in their courses and a follow-up quantitative study to measure student grade impact in using the integrated platform compared to a prior semester. This paper examines findings from the interviews and quantitative data to identify ways for instructors to optimize the value of using the WileyPLUS/Blackboard integration when designing their course.

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An Evaluation of the Effectiveness of WileyPLUS in Higher Education

Broadview Analytics - October 2010                                          

During the 2009-2010 academic year, John Wiley & Sons engaged the University of Tennessee's Institute for Assessment and Evaluation (IAE) to conduct a national study on the impact and efficacy of WileyPLUS among students, instructors and academic departments via 22 detailed case studies and 11 quasi-experimental impact studies. Key areas of focus included:

  • Measurement of knowledge gains, motivational changes and course completion rates between students in course sections usingWileyPLUSand comparable sections of the same course whereWileyPLUSwas not used (quasi-experimental impact study sites)
  • How instructors and students were usingWileyPLUSand their personal evaluation of its value and effectiveness (case studies)

Click below for the whitepaper detailing Broadview Analytics' analysis of the IAE study data on the efficacy of WileyPLUS in improving student learning. Highlights include:

  • Students at 4-year colleges and universities who useWileyPLUSimprove their outcome by 4.3 points on a post-test measure, which is a 7% increase or about one half of a letter grade on the equivalent of a final exam.
  • The impact fromWileyPLUSuse at 2-year schools is even more pronounced. The use ofWileyPLUSresults in a 5.4 point increase, which is an improvement of 9% in the outcome or about a full letter grade on the equivalent of a final exam.
  • The use ofWileyPLUSalso lowers the variance of the student outcomes, meaning that the least-prepared students in the class perform better withWileyPLUS. In fact,WileyPLUShelps these students catch up to the rest of the class.

View empirical data that demonstrates that WileyPLUS improves student outcomes. Wiley's year-long, comprehensive study across disciplines and school types provides quantitative evidence for the effectiveness of WileyPLUS. And instructors like you in various disciplines continue to evaluate its effectiveness through their own independent studies.

Interested in evaluating your students' perceptions of WileyPLUS or the effectiveness in your course? Wiley partners with instructors, departments and schools to assist you in making that happen. From design consultation to survey instruments and analysis, find out how Wiley can work with you by contacting your Digital Solutions Specialist.

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