WileyPLUS Accessibility

Wiley is committed to serving the needs of all students. Through on-going product research and development, linkages to external partners and expertise, and policies to adhere to the Department of Justice’s Regulations for Titles II and III of the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990 (ADA.), Wiley continues to strengthen its commitment to equality. (Read More)

  • Screen Reader

    WileyPLUS is a web-based application comprised of both HTML and Flash elements. While the Flash elements offer little support for accessibility, the HTML elements are compatible with screen readers and other assistive technologies.

    We recommend using JAWS with Internet Explorer or VoiceOver for Mac for the best user experience.

  • Screen Resolution

    Lowering the screen resolution of your computer may improve the legibility and magnification of HTML pages and offer a more optimal view of text and images. Begin by adjusting your settings to 800 x 600 using the instructions here.


  • Utilizing the Zoom Feature

    You may find it helpful to utilize the zoom function available in many browsers.*

    Begin utilizing the zoom feature by reading the instructions here.

    *Note to users: Flash elements in WileyPLUS will not scale to the zoomed in resolution.  

  • Magnification Software

    Magnification software may offer a more optimal experience for users who find they need to consistently zoom in to browsers and applications. For some examples, click here.


  • Contrast Settings

    Adjusting the color contrast settings of a user’s computer may help improve overall visibility.  (i.e. Light text on a dark background, dark text on a light background, or grayscale views.)

    Begin adjusting your contrast settings by reading the instructions here.

  • Videos and Closed-Captioning

    Many of our recent courses offer closed-captioned videos for students with hearing-impairment.   We are enhancing all new videos and new courses by adding closed-captioning.


  • ALT-Text

    Many of our new courses will include ALT-TEXT for images and illustrations found in the WileyPLUS eText. Additionally, new courses will also have ALT-TEXT enabled for MathML.


  • Keyboard Assistance

    Users with mobility impairment may find it difficult to guide a mouse, and thus, may find it easier to use the keyboard. The Tab key may be used to visit all links, buttons, and other navigational elements. Forms can be filled out by using the Tab key to navigate fields, then other keys to enter the needed information. To escape the completed form, press Tab again.


  • Optimized User Interface

    The WileyPLUS user interface has recently been updated to provide information to users through the use of styles in addition to color coding.