WileyPLUS course:
Environment, 7th Edition
Peter H. Raven, Linda R. Berg, David M. Hassenzahl
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Prepare & Present

  • Instructor's Manual
  • Test Bank (Word)
  • Computerized Test Bank
  • Lecture Notes, Text Art, & Animated PowerPoints - summarize chapter content
  • Classroom Response System (Clickers) questions
  • WileyPLUS/Quickstart assignments and presentations for the entire course created by a subject expert
  • Image Gallery
  • Animations
  • Videos illustrating key concepts
  • Lecture Outlines
  • Biology Visual Library - includes images, photos and media in a key-term searchable format
  • Instructor's AP Guide for Environmental Science
  • Biology Newsfinder

Read, Study & Practice

  • A complete online version of the text (eBook)
  • Student Quizzes with instant feedback
  • Flash Cards for interactive review
  • Interactive Animated Concepts (learn-by-doing examples)
  • Biology Basics - 18 interactive modules on key concepts
  • Environmental Science Basics -- 21 interactive modules on key concepts
  • News link Videos
  • Earth News Radio
  • Lab Modules from the Wagner lab manual
  • World View and Closer to You
  • Take a Stand
  • How to Make a Difference
  • Useful Web sites/Suggested Readings
  • Periodic Table


  • A "Link-to-text" feature - students access specific portions of their online text for immediate, contextual help Instant feedback on questions and automatic grading

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Peter H. Raven, David M. Hassenzahl, Mary Catherine Hager, Nancy Y. Gift, Linda R. Berg
Peter H. Raven, David M. Hassenzahl, Linda R. Berg

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Peter H. Raven, Linda R. Berg, David M. Hassenzahl