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Workshop Statistics: Discovery with Data, 4th Edition
Allan J. Rossman, Beth L. Chance
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Unit 1: Collecting Data and Drawing Conclusions

Topic 1: Data and Variables

Topic 2: Data and Distributions

Topic 3: Drawing Conclusions from Studies

Topic 4: Random Sampling

Topic 5: Designing Experiments

Unit 2: Summarizing Data

Topic 6: Two-Way Tables

Topic 7: Displaying and Describing Distributions

Topic 8: Measures of Center

Topic 9: Measures of Speed

Topic 10: More Summary Measures and Graphs

Unit 3: Randomness in Data

Topic 11: Probability

Topic 12: Normal Distributions

Topic 13: Sampling Distributions: Proportions

Topic 14: Sampling Distributions: Means

Topic 15: Central Limit Theorem

Unit 4: Inference from Data: Principles

Topic 16: Confidence Intervals: Proportions

Topic 17: Tests of Significance: Proportions

Topic 18: More Inference Considerations

Topic 19: Confidence Intervals: Means

Topic 20: Tests of Significance: Means

Unit 5: Inference from Data: Comparisons

Topic 21: Comparing Two Proportions

Topic 22: Comparing Two Means

Topic 23: Analyzing Paired Data

Unit 6: Inferences with Categorical Data

Topic 24: Goodness-of-Fit Tests

Topic 25: Inference for Two-Way Tables

Unit 7: Relationships in Data

Topic 26: Graphical Displays of Association

Topic 27: Correlation Coefficient

Topic 28: Least Squares Regression

Topic 29: Inference for Correlation and Regression

TABLE I Random Digits.

TABLE II Standard Normal Probabilities.

TABLE III t-Distribution Critical Values.

TABLE IV Chi-Square Distribution Critical Values.

APPENDIX A Student Glossary.

APPENDIX B Sources for Studies and Datasets.

APPENDIX C List of Data Files and Applets.

Additional Content (online only):

Topic 30: Probability Rules (online only)

Topic 31: Random Variables (online only)

Topic 32: Binomial Distribution (online only)

Topic 33: Analysis of Variance (online only)

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